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  • SubGenre:Investments & Securities / Mutual Funds
  • Language:English
  • Pages:170
  • eBook ISBN:9780983111016

The Effective Investor

20 Secrets for Ordinary People to Build Extraordinary Wealth

by Mark K. Lund

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For most people, investing can seem complicated and overwhelming when trying to uncover facts. For example, do you ever worry about… Having enough money when you retire? Picking the right stocks? Whether you should be in or out of the stock market? The performance of your portfolio? Not having the right fund manager? Choosing the right advisor to work with? Paying too much for your investments? Hidden fees in your investments? The next market crash? It’s easy to get opinions on questions of this type. It’s hard to get facts. In The Effective Investor, Mark Lund answers questions of this kind. The answers are based on results that can be measured.


My clients needed answers, and you need answers to a very important question: “How can we be effective at investing without using speculative methods?”

The answer came from a few experiences.  I was fortunate enough to go to a conference and listen to two presentations on different theories and philosophies on how to invest.  One theory was based on what we call “active management” and the other was what I call Structured Market Portfolios that are more passive in nature.  In the former, one tries to beat market returns by trying to pick stocks based on a belief they will do better than their bench mark.   In the latter, one tries to capture market returns by owning as many stocks of one asset category as possible.  

As I was listening, it became evident that if these active managers make enough predictions, some are bound to come true.  In the meantime they would be getting it wrong.  Their ability to pick stocks in the past had nothing to do with their ability to pick stocks in the future.  And you would never know until after the fact if they were right.  

I was at a point in my life where I could not keep doing what I was doing in good conscience.  So, I made the necessary changes to be in a position to best help my clients.  

I wrote this book as a way to share the answers I have been able to find.  The answers are what I now refer to as my Twenty Secrets for ordinary people to build extraordinary wealth.  These secrets will eliminate the need for speculation when investing.  

You can learn these secrets I will be sharing with you on your own, but be forewarned, however, the stock market sends out really expensive tuition bills.

Best Regards,
Mark K. Lund

About the author

Mark K. Lund is known as The 401k Advisor, The Investor Coach, and author of The Effective Investor. He has written articles for or been quoted in: The Wall Street Journal, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Enterprise Newspaper, The Utah Business Connect Magazine, Univision Online, Newsmax.com, Lovetoknow.com. Mark publishes two newsletters called, “The Mark Lund Growth Report” and “Mark Lund on Money.” Mark regularly provides CE (continuing education) courses for CPA’s. You may also have seen him on KUTV channel 2, or as a guest speaker at a local association or business. Mark’s focus is to create successful retirement plan experiences for plan sponsors and their participants. In Mark’s spare time he enjoys riding his dirt bike, playing with his kids, fishing, reading, writing, and going on walks with his best friend, his wife. To learn more about Mark please visit his personal website at www.TheEffectiveInvestor.com