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Book details
  • SubGenre:Spiritualism
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Wisdom from the Spiritual World
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:156
  • eBook ISBN:9788293246091

The Cosmic World by Master Kuthumi

by Jeanina Hegelund

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The second book in the trilogy on wisdom from the spiritual world. Master Kuthumi provides an introduction to the entire Cosmic reality. This is a textbook for spiritually-awakened souls and it provides a deeper understanding of the entire Cosmic world in our galaxy. The importance of human beings’ self-development and the raising of one’s consciousness in the New Age is also discussed in this book. Kuthumi also explains what human beings experience during their sleep. A depiction of the Cosmic meeting place for souls is also provided.
Master Kuthumi introduces his readers to the entire Cosmic Reality. This is a textbook for the spiritually-awakened and provides us with a deeper understanding of the entire Cosmic World in our galaxy. The importance of human beings’ self-development and the raising of one’s consciousness in the New Age are also discussed in this book. He offers us a lot of good advice concerning the transition to the New Age. This is an important process for the future that awaits human beings. For most people, it is difficult to have a daily awareness of one’s contact with the Spiritual. Contact with the Spiritual does not occur through thoughts. It is, in fact, the soul which is the contact; and it is a joy when one feels a sense of community. However, everyone has spiritual contact at night whilst they are asleep. Kuthumi explains what a person experiences during their sleep. A description of the Cosmic Meeting-Place for Souls has also been provided. This book is the second book in the trilogy on wisdom from the Spiritual World, channelled by Jeanina Hegelund. The first book in the trilogy is entitled Good Advice for Our Age from Jesus – in a modern style. The final book is also from Master Kuthumi, but has been written in collaboration with the author Liv Aker Hjortaas. It is entitled A Soul’s Higher Values. This is what Master Kuthumi himself has to say about his book: It has been my wish for many years that this book should be read by humans. Now this has finally been achieved through Minos Akii’s pen, which I have guided. This book looks at the Greater Cosmic World which, until now, has been unknown to humans. No-one from the Heavenly Kingdom has written about this topic before in such a way that human beings are able to understand it. I have chosen a simple language in order to get this incredible insight across and it is my hope that the many good pieces of advice offered here will strengthen human beings’ self-development for the New Age we are now about to encounter.
About the author
Jeanina Hegelund (born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1936) is highly qualified in the handicrafts and textile industry. She became well-known after several collaborations with different artisans and designers and was also highly sought-after as a Product Developer. She ended her professional career as a highly-qualified secondary-school teacher. Since 1998 she has completed her training as a therapist, with her specialisation being in both kinesiology and cranio-sacral therapy. She has done healing ever since. Her aptitude for research has become increasingly evident over the last few years as her interest in the brain’s central nervous system also became the starting point for her treatments. She used to channel during her treatments and this must be seen as the start of the channellings she has later penned for the different Masters in the Heavenly Kingdom. With respect to this, it must be said that she has recently channelled from God the Almighty and it is these messages which will be forthcoming in the near future. Since 1954, Jeanina Hegelund has been living in the county of Østfold in Norway.