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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:151
  • eBook ISBN:9780595635115

The Coming

Return of the Yahweh

by Richard Vadim

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A humanoid alien warns of a pending catastrophic extinction of life on earth. Then, while appearing to aid the earthlings in their attempt to survive, he cons thousands of them into become willing abductees.


Imagine being warned by an extraterrestrial: “You (earthlings) are soon to be engulfed in an impenetrable shroud which will stifle your seed and petrify your being.” How would you react to this prediction of man's annihilation?  Join scientists, government officials, military men, and the man in the street in their struggle to survive. Could the end of the human race truly be at hand? Or might man’s innate desire to survive be enough to overcome insurmountable odds? See how, even in such horrific times, love and desire may well be the most powerful human elixir.

About the author

Richard Vadim worked at Bell Laboratories for more than 30 years. In his personal research for a novel exploring the concept of prior alien visitations, he discovered that the description of The New Jerusalem found in the Bible could actually be interpreted as a description of an immense spaceship which once visited Earth. He develops a plausible story of a second coming of this spacecraft and man’s interaction with the alien beings within. He suggests that the spaceship's shuttle-craft (the pyramid-shaped tip of the main vessel) may have been the inspiration for the Egyptian and Aztec pyramids.