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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Abuse
  • Language:English
  • Pages:398
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098364472

The Bully, The Boss, and The Job That Ate Me Alive

by Emily M. Johns

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When Emily took a job as a fitness supervisor at a senior community, she thought the biggest challenge she'd be facing was getting seniors to stick to an exercise routine. What she was unprepared for was getting her coworkers to stick to a work routine—particularly B. J. Bergens, whose idea of work was undermining Emily at every chance, sabotaging her accomplishments as if it were part of her job description, and ending each day with an office happy hour that brought the staff together to roar with laughter and celebrate the tricks and treachery aimed at Emily. In The Bully, The Boss and The Job That Ate Me Alive, Emily M. Johns tells the story of the job that nearly destroyed her, and the final escape that helped her to realize no job is worth hanging on to, when it's management and coworkers doing the hanging.
In her memoir, Emily M. Johns describes her life growing up in a strict Catholic household, which led to insecurities and feelings of worthlessness. She felt taken advantage of, being afraid to stand up for herself. After several failed marriages, things only worsened when she began a job she loved, yet experienced workplace bullying, mobbing, and retaliation for speaking up about the toxic workplace culture and the violations that were occurring. It wasn't until she resigned that she realized that no job was worth tolerating any conditions that threatened her dignity, self-esteem, and happiness. There is life after workplace abuse, and one can find it if they honor and are really true to their authentic self.
About the author
Emily M. Johns is the pen name of a personal fitness coach and an anti-bullying activist. She is an advocate of a healthy and dignified workplace. She and her husband enjoy traveling throughout the world as they continue their adventures, exploring new cultures, people, food and enjoying life to its fullest.