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  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:160
  • eBook ISBN:9780979209994

The Apple Tree

by Kaih Khristé King

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A Child’s Escape from Rape and Incest A Woman’s Life Journey into Spirituality A Love Story: Unlimited and Universal
A Child’s Escape from Rape and Incest A Woman’s Life Journey into Spirituality A Love Story: Unlimited and Universal The Apple Tree is written as a novel yet many of the adventures contained in this book are truisms. The foundations for this story come from some of the personal experiences of the author but the storytelling belongs to the characters within the pages. Kaih Khristé King is a vibrant personality who has weathered the many decades of her years, as an observer, a participant and an influential force on behalf of truth, peace and universal appreciation of all religions, cultures and traditions. This dynamic book explores the relationship between two women – a young journalist and an old woman born during the Great Depression. Their journey takes the reader through a number of tragic experiences, and into the night club era following WWII. Show business and its caste of characters color the early chapters of The Apple Tree. While this story tells a tale of a world full of broken people, of an era when secrecy protected the profane, when the church held to fire and brimstone, it is also full of promise, hope and the success of a courageous woman who went from ragged beginnings to become a spiritual role model to many. This book tells one of the most unusual love stories ever told – proving that romantic love and adventure survive even after death.
About the author
Educated through and by her lifetime experiences. She took her first job in 1943, at 10-years-old, as a performer in show business and remained a featured artist for 50 years. During those years, singing in theaters and nightclubs, she entertained Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Marlon Brando, Grouch Marx and many other notables. Kaih is the author of seven published books, among them The Apple Tree, a book that touches on those early show biz years. Coming from such a background one would not expect the woman she is today. For today, she is considered a profound teacher of Spiritual Principles, a transmission channel for the Angelic Realms and a powerful presenter who incorporates drumming and singing into her presentations. Kaih's presentations are transformational, informative, warm and entertaining, with lots of storytelling and good humor. She comes across more like a family member rather than a slick stage personality. Her books reflect that same warmth, all the while bringing forth vital information on the Divine Destiny of the Sacred Human. We have in our midst a woman who has known both sides of the coin, and she has prospered. Her compassion and wisdom come from the real world with all of its challenges; as well, she comes in the Spirit. Kaih has been privileged to sit with Elders from various Native American Tribes. Some of the great metaphysical geniuses of our time have been her teachers – preparing her for unusual inter-dimensional encounters and visitations with Christ Jesus as well as meetings with a number of Ascended Masters. Kaih says, "The appearance of "Others" in our lives is natural. We are spirits currently inhabiting the material worlds. The "Others" are our extended family who live and travel many kingdoms unattached to any particular space or time. As a planetary family, Humans have forgotten they are made in the unlimited Image of Spirit and so they have come to view themselves as attached to the body. But we are actually free to travel the dimensions of Light – when we allow ourselves to personify the Spirit that designed us. Think of it this way, you are an instrument like a telephone. Physically, the telephone is hand-held and stabilized in time and space yet your essence, through your voice, transcends time and space and can travel instantaneously thousands of miles to the one who has called you. Spirit is calling. Say hello!"