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Book details
  • SubGenre:Bedtime & Dreams
  • Age Range (years):6 - 8
  • Language:English
  • Pages:50
  • eBook ISBN:9780646907239

The Adventures of Laughing Gravy

The Postman, The Extra Big Strawberry, The Incredible Jelly Bean Machine

by David Houston

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Laughing gravy will have lots of jobs in one easy to read book with lots of drawings. It is intended to be read to a child from 2 to 8 years old. Each chapter will be no more than 10 pages long and will be a separate story to the others. Words by David Houston Drawings by Miles Jenkinson
Laughing Gravy has a new job; it started on a Wednesday and it is an important job. He has to deliver the mail to all of the houses in his town . “I think I will like this job” says Laughing Gravy. “I will deliver the mail to all of the houses, even if it is raining, and I will always be on time because being on time is important when you are a postman. All of the people like to get their mail every day at the same time.” Laughing Gravy sets off with his bag full of letters and some small packages. The first house was Mr. Sparkles, he has 5 letters. . “I wonder if Mr Sparkles gets 5 letters every day” says Laughing Gravy to Mr B, (Mr. B is Laughing Gravy’s imaginary friend, they have been friends as long as Laughing Gravy can remember) which is a long time for a dog. Next stop is Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. Johnston has 2 letters. “Mr B, do you think that Mrs. Johnston’s letter box is the smallest letter box in the street? I do hope that she never gets any more mail than 2 letters, because I don’t think that any more than 2 letters will fit in her letter box.”. Mr B agreed, though only Laughing Gravy can hear him . “I like my new job” said Laughing Gravy, “and the more letters I deliver the less weight in my satchel I have to carry.” The next stop is a block of 6 flats, Miss Lucy lives in the third flat, and she is a good friend of Laughing Gravy. Miss Lucy had four letters. “I must be sure that I don’t put the letters in the wrong boxes,” said Laughing Gravy as they all look the same, that would not do, would it Mr B.” Laughing Gravy couldn’t leave the letters and parcels on the door step as they might get wet from the rain or blow away with the wind. He remembered when he started his job how he said he would look after the mail. “Oh dear Mr B, what shall I do? Every day there are more and more parcels and letters to deliver and no room left in the mail boxes to put them in.” “I know that Miss Lucy is going to be away for the next week and won’t be back home until Christmas Eve. So are Mrs Simpson and the Jackson twins.” Each Day getting closer to Christmas was worse than the previous, with more and more mail, Laughing Gravy had to do something.
About the author
I have loved childrens books from as far back as I can remember. I love that a story can take us to another world, meet people and see things we had not imagined before. Stretching and testing the imagination with each page. A story worthy of rereading time and again. I live on the east coast of Australia have, three children and two grandchildren who are all story lovers.