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Book details
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure / General
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Series title:BOOK TWO: The Adventures of Knobby and Maddie Duck
  • Series Number:0
  • Pages:106
  • eBook ISBN:9781620955819

The Adventures Of Knobby And Maddie Duck

by Millie Orosz Van Horn

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A story about the Muscovy Ducks who inhabit areas of Florida. They are a very gentle duck and not afraid of people. Their color is usually different patterns of black and white and they have a bright red crest around their eyes. They have many adventures in and around their Little Lake with the other animals including "The Mean Old Alligator", who is not mean at all, but very gentle. Little Baby Duck befriends him and names him Albert. I lived on a little lake where the Muscovy Ducks would come to my lanai every morning looking for the bread crumbs I always had available for them. After noticing their social behaviors with each other, I decided to give them each names and then imagined their many adventures with each other.
A story about Knobby and Maddie Duck, and their proud Muscovy Duck family and friends. They live at Little Lake, one of many small lakes and have never seen a bigger lake until Knobby takes a trip to the Never Ending Sea, which is the Gulf of Mexico. He comes back to Little Lake and tells Maddie about this wonderful sight. He is very excited and wants Maddie to see this great lake. They meet up with some scary other birds on their way. They arrive safely, but soon discover that there is a Hurricane coming....they find shelter with the help of an old Muscovy relative. Then there is Little Missy Duck who was left behind by her duck family because she didn't know how to fly. She was very sad and left alone in the middle of Little Lake. Knobby and Maddie heard her sad tale - then decided to teach her how to fly. She practiced very hard every day, flapping her wings over and over, the way Knobby and Maddie told her to do. She finally found herself up above the water and was so surprised that she fell down in a big splash. She knew then just what to do to fly up in the air, and just in time too because the mean bunch of ducks were headed her way. They came every day just to taunt and tease her because she couldn't fly. As they came closer she suddenly began flapping her wings very fast and slowly flew up into the air. Her tormenters were so surprised, they just watched in awe as she flew away heading for the invisible trail that would lead her to her family. There is Redneck, who gets his name from having his neck in a constant state of redness from other ducks pecking his neck when he's being pesty and to put him in his place. There is Baby Duck, who befriends an alligator. Who everyone thinks he is mean, but Baby discovers that he is just lonesome and wants to make friends, but whenever he shows up - all the ducks run away. Baby names him Albert and to everyone's amazement - Baby jumps on Albert's back and he takes her for a ride. There is Limpy, who only has one leg. When he was little, he never listened to Mother or Father Duck and would go off on his own - no matter how dangerous. One day he swam close to where the Mean Old Alligator was always seen......and The Mean Old Alligator bit off his foot. After that, he had to hop around, but he could still fly like the wind. Chapters are: KNOBBY AND MADDIE DUCK THE NEVER ENDING SEA THE BIG HURRICANE MADDIE AND KNOBBY MEET LITTLE MISSY LITTLE MISSY MEETS ROCCO RACCOON LITTLE MISSY FINDS HER FAMILY HUGO, THE DUCK WHO COULDN'T TALK ALBERT THE ALLIGATOR
About the author

I am a 85 yr-old widow. Mother of four children, nine grand children and six great grand children. I self published my children's book a couple of years ago and have sold around 100 copies through friends and family. I have written Book one and Book two of "The Adventures of Knobby and Maddie Duck", along with photos taken by myself of the very social Muscovy Ducks who inhabit part of Florida. I have written another children's book called "A First Summer's Day In Garden Patch". I wrote this approximately 20 years ago and It also is self published. I also have written many poems over the years. In addition to that, I am a musician. I play piano (by ear) and play guitar and sing - for parties and have played piano at a couple of Black Tie Affairs.