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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Ministry / Youth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:194
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543953015

Teens Left My Church

by Anderson Henry Ruffin

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As I reviewed the problems of conflicts in the African-American Church, I found signs of life in a wilderness, compared to the interactions between the younger generation and the older generation. What is the Church going to do?
The Church has gone off into the sunset. Talk about the youth obtaining an everlasting life with Jesus Christ has disappeared from traditional institutions. The Church needs to reestablish its claim on a robust scriptural approach to going after the young generation to instigate a return to the Church. The arena of life continues to introduce a challenge of trials and tribulations for them. Victory is difficult. The younger generation needs some practical and spiritual knowledge so there is a balance towards living a faithful life. We are living in times when the world is attacking the absolute, that in the latter days to come, the evil spirits of the world are contending to destroy the traditional doctrines of faith that were de-livered to our ancestors. In recent years, the Church has been under extensive scrutiny. Many of its leaders have come under fire for being duplicitous in the care of the flock to gain personal status while its members struggle to make ends meet. Another problem of conflicts in the African-American Baptist Church is the interactions between the younger generation and the older generation, because they feel the Church is a place that op-poses their contemporary views. The Church no longer keep up with a fast-paced, fast-moving, ever-changing world. Many young people feel the Church offer no answers towards their problems, and they share the belief that it is not a safe place to express doubts. The modern generation is exposed to technology, casual sex, violence, drugs, and alcohol more than their predecessors. The Church has failed to respond. The Church proved its value during my teen years in meeting stiff opposition from outside forces, like freedom of choice, technology, and the media. The Church looks not to give logical, analytical, and investigative reasons for these challenges, but continues to face stiff opposition from outside forces. What is the Church going to do?
About the author
Dr. Anderson Henry Ruffin grew up in the Black Belt of Alabama and learned to pick cotton and pull corn from the stalks as a child. He served 44 years as a public school teacher. As a retired teacher and ministry of the Gospel, he wants to pass that knowledge on to the younger generation, a generation that leaving the Church. Never before has the gap in mutual understanding between generations been as large as it is now.