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  • Genre:POETRY
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:100
  • eBook ISBN:9780992065713

Teenage Romantic Fool

Lost & Found

by Gregory A. Grant

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Teenage Romantic Fool Created a cornucopian, of self surviving odes. Which he composed, from an inner portion. Completely rooted, internally inside. And so during these, daily afflictions, Which he had cultivated, some forty years ago, After awakening, then jotting down. Dauntless vagaries, or distant reflections. From another era of time.
Teenage Romantic Fool The teenage romantic fool, created a cornucopian , of self-surviving odes. Which he composed? From an inner portion, completely rooted, internally inside. And so during these, daily afflictions, which he had cultivated, some forty years ago. After awakening, the jotting down, dauntless vageries, or distant reflections, from another area of time. Then he followed it up, By ambling about , bucolic countrysides, looking for its seduction. Because this was, his futile attempt. To break from, an essentia of exsistence. After concluding, that he was such, a forlorn little boy. Who had felt such extreme alienation. Which had sopped up. embedding itself, within his anatomy. Recklessly hidden , far surpassing , his corresponding, sky blue eyes. And so when he attempted, to regain ones ,forgotten rationale .Elicted at an instance,after he'd lost touch, with his first flame, which were our planets, foremost treasures. Because he enjoyed, spending leisurely bouts, within its physical extended locations. That had given him, such peace of mind, after latterly injesting, those subtle nuances, whilst observing, its pastoral vistas. Regardless when ,he had turned, sixteen years old. He began to revisit, his equidistance. After becoming, much more curious, of that opposite sex. And so he began, his greatest persual ,to fully appreciate, every single woman, in all their finest forms. Nevertheless his, required devotion, would be his , lattermost paucity .Once he had surmised.That they were all such a thought provoking , kind of femininity..... Voluptuous Curves (feb77) The strangest twists, to his infrequent, complusive, etiquette. Whenever he saw, voluptuous curves, from clear across an obstucted strand. Especially for what, she had afforded him. Which wasn't cotten candy? For that sweetness, never went away. It just grew stronger, with every single chafe. That when his life, had quickly become, plentiful and bountiful . After they positioned, caressed and hugged. Suchlike, malleableness. Eternally, emphasized. Analogous kisses, hard to paraphrase. Even still, he couldn't celebrate her enough. Despite all of this, there must have been, some kind of mistake .Because her sensuality, was so addictive and vastly underrated. Bestowing upon him, aforesaid butterflies.Up and down his boyish, unsubstantial frame. Even though, he had eternally, appreciated . Every single girl, that he'd previously known before. Because they were, all and all. So prodigiously, divine Lost and Found (mar79) As the young man , lightly catnapped .Then he gradually, with forethought , tried to improvise, forging discernment. Which he had refined , over that course of time . But his dawdling , was just an excuse? As he looked for, inhibited ambience. Where he could , everlastingly gallavant. From here, to there. Until he came upon, legitimate compositions. Where he could attach, candid snapshots. That just might be , moderately authentic enough. But by considering , his papable verses. Which might allow his readers, to recognize. Unparallelled , heart- wrenching aches and pains. Which would augument , one's worldliness .Creating an encounter, with a fools spirit. Who had accepted, to utilize analogous, poetic free verse. Hence, granting him, that dauntless task of continously, soul searching......
About the author
Gregory A. Grant, was a retired factory labourer. Who had earned a honouree degree.From this alma mater, of hard knocks. Even though he had this harrowing, speech impediment, when he was a young child. Which had held him back.Making it extremely difficult, to ever express himself fully.However, his favorite grade eight teacher. Continously, prodded him. to jot his innermost feelings down, wthin his daily journal, each and every day.And so this routine , finally persisted. Bringing him outside, of his inherent shell. And so he would, no longer be their laughing stock. After he emerged, as a laureeate odist. So he could apotheosis, his equidistant spririt.