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  • Genre:NATURE
  • SubGenre:Animal Rights
  • Language:English
  • Pages:440
  • eBook ISBN:9781098321970

Stop Killing Animals!

The First Commandment to Save Humanity

by Roberto van Kuyk

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Scientific data indicates that in the past 50 years humans have killed 80 % of all the wild animals of the planet, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and the essential insects. This loss of animals is caused by the ignorant irresponsible human plague through 1) toxic pollution of the air, water and the earth, with climate change that is killing animals; 2) the criminal hunting and killing with extermination of wild animals; 3) the torture and killing of domestic animals for unnecessary meat consumption that destroys trees with loss of habitats and loss of biodiversity of plants and animals; each day 120 species are lost in the planet and 1,000,000 species are on the list of extinction. This massive extermination of wild animals will produce collapse of the ecosystems that will lead to human extinction before 2050. In addition, the killing of wild animals and domestic animals that are tortured and slaughtered for meat consumption releases Coronavirus, Influenza and other mortal viruses that will produce more frequent and lethal pandemics that will exterminate millions of humans within the next 30 years. If this evil irresponsible extermination of Sacred Animals continues in the next few years humanity will suffer massive exterminations and total extinction before 2050. Thus the Message to Save Humanity is summarized in the First Commandment in 3 words: Stop Killing Animals! In this memoir I present all the data on the killing of the different animals and the many specific actions that needs to be implemented to stop the destruction of the planet to arrest viral human extermination and final human extinction.
According to the words of science genius Albert Einstein a Spirit is Manifest in the laws of the Universe; indeed, I have experienced paranormal phenomena with this Spirit that is Manifest on Earth that provides evidence of the existence of a Holy Spirit and the Manifestation of Angels of Light that show Miracles of God; I provide evidence to all my Mystic Experiences with hundreds of Miracle Pictures that show Angels of Light that are Manifest with Nature to give a Message to the World. These Messengers of Light give a Message to Save Humanity to Stop Killing Animals to arrest the destruction of the Mother Planet perpetrated by the brutal Homo Non Sapiens that is causing massive wild animal extermination that is leading to human extinction before 2050. In this Memoir I describe the most important Mystic Experiences of my life, with hundreds of Miracle Pictures that show many different Manifestations of God that provide the material evidence of a Spiritual Dimension that is Manifest on Planet Earth; I present my evidence that the Energy of Life of the Holy Spirit is Manifest in the Soul of Animals to establish in the human species a new Ecological Spiritual Consciousness to stop the killing of Sacred Animals and the destruction of Life on Earth; I present the data of the extermination of Wild Life that leads to the collapse of ecosystem; that Homo sapiens has been designed and created a vegetarian animal and needs to return to its original vegetarian diet and stop the destruction of other animals that is leading to human extinction; I describe my experiences with many different species of animals in my Sanctuary of Animals to show that all Sacred Animals have a Soul and Consciousness as do human animals, to establish that all Sacred Animals have the same Universal Rights as humans to live a long happy life and in complete Freedom, to avoid the reaction of the 'Spirit of PanGaia' against the evils of humans with many pandemics of deadly viral plagues; I describe the life and miracles of my mother with her message to humanity and with the Miracles of God during the euthanasia of my mother that provide a message that supports the legalization of euthanasia; I essay on controversial issues such as euthanasia, on the suicide of my father, on birth control and abortion; on the injustices of the unjust judiciary and the mistaken political and religious authorities that destroys the Life of the Planet, and I present all the Urgent Actions to stop the exponential destruction of Sacred Plants and Sacred Animals to arrest the course of human extinction to achieve a possible new prosperous Planetary Evolution.
About the author
Roberto van Kuyk: doctor in veterinary medicine, doctor (Ph.D) in genetics, virologist, polyglot writer, musician, mystic ecological activist to stimulate Ecological Spiritual Consciousness to eradicate the torture and killing of All Sacred Animals.