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  • SubGenre:Individual Photographers / Artists' Books
  • Language:English
  • Pages:104
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781667873718

Still Life

The Photographs of Maggie St. Thomas

by Maggie St. Thomas

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'Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St.Thomas' is a hardcopy book by entertainment photographer Maggie St.Thomas. Her premier book is 104 pages that are artistically compiled with four decades of photographs from her private film collection of her formative years (35mm, 120mm, B&W photography, Kodak, Fuji, T-Max, and color). A photography book for those who appreciate photo documentation, fine art photography, cemeteries, dark art and more, with four decades of the musicians and people who make up some of the LA goth and death-rock scene. 


A glossy 104-page hardcover book showcasing a collection of photographs spanning four decades by music and entertainment photographer Maggie St.Thomas, specializing in her formative years with the Los Angeles goth and death-rock scene and its players. With photographs of such artists in the pages including Eva O. & Rozz Williams (Christian Death, Shadow Project), The Cure, The Cramps, Rikk Agnew, Gitane Demone, Exene Cervenka, Peter Murphy, Janes Addiction, and more, with quotes from Kitten De Ville and Eva O. about their views on life and death, cemeteries, a Cremation Retort, and even a 'John Doe' skull. The cover model is Rita Elvira, and layout design of the book is by Biff Butler. Foreword written by Exene Cervenka.

About the author

Maggie St.Thomas is a multi-faceted West Coast artist from Long Beach, CA. By the age of fourteen she was a published photo-journalist fearlessly capturing the essence of the Los Angeles Anarchy punk and Goth music scenes with her 35mm film cameras.  One of Maggie's most cherished moments came in 1995 when she photographed her all-time favorites, The Ramones. Her profound love for the band allowed her to capture their spirit in photographs during their concert at the KROQ Weenie Roast in 1995. 

Arturo Vega, legendary RAMONES Creative Director, acknowledged Maggie's talent, stating, "I enjoy seeing photographs or reading almost anything about The Ramones, but it is especially satisfactory when a written piece is done well with a true sense of understanding of punk music; this is just the case in what Maggie has written about the band. She is also very good at capturing the band's spirit in photos." -June 14, 2002

Since the early 90's, Maggie's photographic and journalistic works have graced the pages and adorned the covers of over 300 print publication issues, including notable names like Billboard and Rolling Stone, and cover features with OC Weekly, and High Times. Her photographic career has allowed her to work closely with legendary artists including Etta James, Lemmy Kilmister, Bo Diddley, Lux Interior, Snoop Dogg, and many more. Within each collaboration, Maggie has skillfully seized the essence of those in front of her camera lens with timeless finesse.

In a unique twist, Maggie has ventured beyond her photographic pursuits and established a career in Death Care . As a licensed Crematory Operator, she assists those who have transitioned from the realm of the living into the afterlife.

In October 2022, Maggie St. Thomas achieved another milestone entering the world of published authors with her debut book, "Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St. Thomas." The book begins with a foreword by Exene Cervenka. Inside the pages are four decades of near death experiences as she photographed the Goth and Death Rock stages of the Los Angeles, CA music scene and beyond, while shedding a light on Cremation. With quotes by Eva O., Rikk Agnew, Gitane Demone, and Kitten De Ville. Cover model: Rita Elvira.

The 'unofficial'' book release and signing party took place Halloween weekend inside the Chapel of Destiny Funeral Home in Long Beach, California with live music, flameless candlelight and framed photographs hanging on the walls.

During the first half of 2023, Maggie St. Thomas held various book signings at B&N bookstore locations in SoCal and Portland, OR., as well as at the legendary indie bookstore Green Apple Books in San Francisco, CA., while participating at her first Book Festival as an author at the 9th Annual Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, CA.

'Still Life: The Photographs of Maggie St.Thomas' is also available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Currently, Maggie is hard at work, meticulously crafting more books to come. 

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Still Life: The photographs of Maggie St. Thomas The photography in this book is second-to-none. Earthy and pointed it reminds the reader of their own mortality and the beauty that can be found in darkness. Photographs of various cemeteries and headstones as well musicians known to celebrate this darkness dominate the content. There are even a few insider images from crematory operations. The flow is smooth and the visuals do the talking. This book is high quality glossy paper with a hard cover. Makes an excellent conversation piece on a coffee table and a thoughtful gift for fans of the goth music scene and the Wednesday Addams in your life. Will definitley buy the future projects this photographer has planned. Read more