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  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:240
  • eBook ISBN:9781620957196

Step Your Game Up

Dating and Relationship Guide for the Urban Man

by Dennis Jeanpierre and Tito Fresh

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Hey Fellas! Are you tired of feeling like a LAME or a purebred SIMP? Is your wardrobe whack? Is your game lame? Well, we got the solution! Order the book STEP YOUR GAME UP! This book is packed with advice that's sure to make you a winner in life. From finances to fashion. From diet and exercise to dating and macking, this book has it all! Everything you need to STEP YOUR GAME UP, baby! Over 230 pages of hard-hitting game written by Chicago dating coach Dennis Jeanpierre and his homey Tito Fresh.
So how do you go from being unconfident and lonely to having success with women? You STEP YOUR GAME UP! Break out of the prision of fear and negative thought. Learn the "player" mentality and reap the benefits of a newfound self-belief. Change your overall presentation, attain the look that will impress the ladies and display your newly acquired sophistication! Confidence and Conversation are the key! We'll show you step-by-step how to build your sense of self-esteem and swagger through affirmations and positive thought. We'll help you master the elusive "gift of gab" that will drop panties! Are you totally unsatisfied with your current relationship or just seeking to improve it? We'll inspire you to shed that lackluster woman you're with and find a more suitable mate! Take back your self-respect and manhood today. Learn to eradicate the influence of feminism before it destroys your relationship. Tired of wasting money buying drinks and tipping strippers? We'll train your game into fighting shape until the thought of paying for a woman's time becomes laughable. Learn to detect gold-diggers and low-class tramps looking for a handout. Is your financial game not up to par? We'll tutor you on the discipline of stacking your money and learning wealth-building secrets that can help get you on the road to financial independence. Are you having self-image issues? Our comprehensive manual for enhancing social viability includes advice on diet and exercise. There is even a section dedicated to fashion so you can look your best year-round and on any occasion. Sick of writing online profiles and having your e-mails go unanswered? We'll get you out into the field where you can make some face-to-face connections. Stop drooling over dating site pictures of women that were taken 20 pounds ago. Get out and get women now! OTHER SECRETS YOU'LL LEARN... Mindset - How to change your self-talk from that of a chump to that of a champ! Image - Tips on how to change your presentation to attract women. Finances - How to stack your money and gain more confidence from it. Physical Fitness - Nutrition and exercise advice to help you look your best. Your Environment - Your home and vehicle and how to make them date-ready. Hitting the Field - How to get out there and put your game down in daytime and nightime venues. After Hours Strategy - When you get a woman back to your crib. Being Pussywhipped - The signs and how to avoid it. Scouting Women - Distinguishing the different types of women out on the dating scene and dealing with them accordingly. Man Traps - Women to avoid and how to spot them (undercover sluts, professional gold diggers, fatal attraction chicks, etc.) Haters - People who hate to see you shine and how to deal with them. Going Steady - Advice for the one-woman men out there on forming and maintaining your relationship. Common Lies and Euphemisms - Deciphering b.s. and how to judge a woman's character by what she says. Managing Expectations - Dealing with multiple relationships. Political Re-education - Unlearning the dogma of feminist ideology and how pop culture and women in your family may have inadvertently led you astray. The Not To Do List - Things you should NEVER do when dealing with women (including things you may have never considered). Also covered - Women on your job, dealing with cockblockers, cock teasers, flakes, setting up dates, getting her contact information quickly and efficiently, staying out of the "friend bag", eradicating "simp" behavior, maintaining your dignity, etiquette, and so on...
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