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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Sphere of Stones
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:597
  • eBook ISBN:9781620959022

Sphere of Stones - Book 2

Journey to Gallamaya Falls

by Shandi Niles

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Continue on the journey of this heroic young woman as she and her friends try to reach Tatius and King Ray with "the red stone". As she returns to some locations, she receives guidance from Sir Rominon and discovers that her travels have only just begun. There are 8 more stones and she is the only one that can use their power. Her brothers, the sons of King Ray and the seven royal swordsmen experience fighting amongst themselves and with SIN. Love and magic, as well as trust and true fear. With her Doggin companion and the others, they all realize that thier lives will never be the same.
Reunited in the arms of her brothers, with the seven royal swordsmen, Adeema faces more than a challenge of just avoiding the SIN army. She must handle the hot tempered Prince Damien Armikon, whom has already tested her to her limits of endurance while dealing with her emotions as she is falling deeply in love with Damien's brother, Prince Rainin Armikon. Somehow lured by an unknown force, Adeema finds herself beyond the white tattered fence that Tominus told her about in a fairy tale. Sir Rominon appears and lets her know that thier journey together has just begun, as there are 8 more stones that she and her band of friends must find. She will face situations she never fathomed in all her life, for where evil roams, so do SIN. An introduction to the infamous Lieutenant General Killian is profoundly dangerous; where Adeem has to face and overcome her deepest fear to survive. In the process, locating the second stone, siezing the moment she discovers its phenominal power, while enjoying the true beauty and power of Gallamaya Falls.
About the author
My name is Shandi Niles and I am a Fantasy Adventure Writer. I started writing in 2001 and it took the following ten years to finish this epic battle. In a 9 book series! These books were originally written pen to paper as I didn't own a computer at that time. I still prefer to write with the common ball point and college rule! I have tried to create a world and characters to take the average reader away from our everyday lives. I hope each of you will truly enjoy the journey as Adeema and her friends travel through these wild and imaginative places. Revisit locations from Book 1 and enjoy the beauty of Gallamaya Falls. Meet General Killian with this band of characters for the first time. Enjoy and I will see you again soon in Book 3 - The Gateway to Geiken Cove! Sincerely, Shandi Niles