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  • SubGenre:Entrepreneurship
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9780982925713

Soulmate Proprietors

How To Run A Business With Your Spouse And Stay Married

by Danelle Brown

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If you are like many business people today, your spouse (whether officially or unofficially) is likely deeply involved in the functioning or decision-making of your business. Yet inexplicably, there is little help available for the millions of couples who run businesses together. Soulmate Proprietors shows couples how to accomplish running a business while still enjoying the respect, love and admiration that brought them together in the first place. This book is fun and light-hearted, and provides useful, real world advice and tips in an easy to read format. Numerous featured husband and wife teams share their misadventures and triumphs – you’re not alone! Author and Business Coach Danelle Brown captures the humor, hilarity, headaches and happiness of being married to your business partner.
The number of couple-owned businesses in the country is rising as people choose to make changes about their careers, due to the economy or to work/life balance issues. Both men and women are increasingly curious about the dynamics of working with a spouse. Yet no one teaches this subject in school, and our ancestors’ knowledge ― be they mercantile owners or farmers ― was not passed on. Without fail, when people find out my husband and I run a successful business, they comment, “How do you work with your spouse? I would have killed mine by now!” But who says I haven’t?! No, of course I haven’t, although there were certainly times in the early days when we could have walked away from the business, or our marriage, or both; this is what people fear the most. There are literally millions of businesses which are run by husband and wife teams. Yet many people believe that running a business with a spouse is not possible. Perhaps this is why there is a lack of information for people who want to get help in successfully managing both a marriage and a business. Soulmate Proprietors shows couples how to accomplish this while still enjoying the respect, love and admiration that brought them together in the first place. The book is fun and light-hearted, and provides useful, real-world advice and tips in an easy-to-read format. Numerous featured couples share their misadventures and triumphs, which help readers realize they’re not alone. TRUTH: Glenn Muske, an Oklahoma State University professor who spent six years studying the topic, estimated that 3 million of the 22 million U.S. small businesses in the year 2000 were couple-owned . He and other experts believe the number is even higher today. Another statistic suggests only 5 percent of the “all-in” husband-and-wife-owned businesses can make the partnership work. The odds are not positive. Understandably, this group is desperate for information that will change those odds in their favor. SO WHERE DO YOU GO FOR HELP? Soulmate Proprietors answers the needs of people who are running a business with their spouses (or even thinking about it). Through my own experience and research – often trial and error – and that of other husband-and-wife teams, I’ve gathered relatable anecdotes and practical advice that readers can implement immediately. Whether they’re starting a business, buying an existing one, or want to reach new levels of success with their current co-owned venture, couples will benefit from the book’s up-front knowledge that smoothes what can be a rough path. Written in an easy, humorous style with plenty of examples, the book raises questions to provoke conversations – not arguments – and to help couples make decisions today, before bad habits arise and tensions escalate. REMEMBER – PEOPLE DO THIS EVERY DAY! Men and women can get past their self-doubt – past the fear – of running a business with their spouse. This resource book teaches couples how to address those fears and the inevitable hiccups that occur. Running a business and pursuing their dreams should be fun and exciting, not scary. Millions of couples run businesses together and they do it successfully every day. Soulmate Proprietors is the just wake-up call lucky couples need to turn their business into the next runaway success.
About the author
Danelle Brown is the founder and president of Queen Bee Consulting and a certified Book Yourself Solid business coach. She specializes in showing family- and couple-owned businesses how to get more clients than they can handle! Brown is known for turning ordinary businesses into extraordinary ones. Along with her husband, she is also the owner and marketing director for MB Tech, Inc., in Glen Carbon, Illinois. Using technology and her innate creativity to reach her various audiences through non-traditional means, Brown runs several websites and blogs devoted to business topics. She has also earned the nicknames “master networker” and “Queen Bee of Connections” in her geographic and online communities. After receiving her degree in interior design in 1997, Brown went on to work with several prestigious, family-owned design firms in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1996, she and her husband started a home-based business. Because of her extensive marketing and promotional efforts and the time she’s spent “learning how the world works,” Brown and her husband continue to grow their company not only through smart marketing efforts, but also through client retention and word of mouth. Brown’s specialties include social media, business coaching, marketing, and accountability programs. She instructs business owners and helps them implement their social media strategies and marketing plans. She’s also an expert at connecting people and showing them how to network. On her blog and Facebook page she often writes about her networking experiences and things she’s learned from talking with other business owners. Not surprisingly, she adds new followers every day. Brown has also managed MB Tech’s newsletter, Technology Bytes, for more than three years and continues to grow it through word of mouth. Additionally, Brown hosts several Mastermind groups where she counsels and guides small business owners each month. Danelle and her husband, Marcel, have two young girls, Isabella and Elena. The Browns are extremely active in their children’s private school, Lahr-Well Academy. When she is not working or being a mommy, Brown enjoys cooking, wine tasting and traveling. For more information or to contact Danelle, visit her websites at www.queenbeeconsulting.com or www.soulmateproprietors.com.