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  • SubGenre:Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:458
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781732007109

Snowflake Nation

Trigger Warnings, Trump, And Millennial Power

by Tyler Koch

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The entire world is watching the United States as the events of the Donald Trump era of democracy continue to unfold. After Donald Trump won the 2016 general election following the most vile, scandalous, and confusing campaigns in American history- a shockwave of populism shook the foundations of conventional political establishments. Despite the best efforts of the Democratic party and the mainstream media, Trump's message prevailed, as he took an ideological jackhammer to both sides traditional establishment politics along the way. Snowflake Nation: Trigger Warnings, Trump, and Millennial Power answers the question many American's are still asking: "What now?" Snowflake Nation wipes the slate clean of the mainstream media's biased rendition of the life and times of Donald Trump the businessman, and illustrates a life of conservative principles and core values that contributed to his historic rise to the White House.
They are the most powerful sector of the American economy. Soon, America will wake up to the realization that they control every aspect of the workplace, the consumer marketplace, and the voting booth. They have the ability to impose their unbridled will in whatever sector they choose, begging the question, "What's next?" There's just one problem— they don't seem to care. They are the millennials. The emotionally intelligent yet politically apathetic generation who salivates at the idea of hiding under a security blanket of socialism have just come face to face with the generational champion they never knew they always wanted, President Donald J. Trump. Growing up through the ashes of 9/11, Trump's tough talk on terrorism coupled with his commitment to individualism over conformance is reminiscent of growing up in a digital age laced with tragedy. Snowflake Nation eliminates the progressive filter of the mainstream media and the liberal college culture and substantiates the connection between the Trump approach to governance and the inherent values of the millennial generation. Snowflake Nation is the ultimate battleplan for millennials in their pursuit of lasting political influence, as it creates the awareness, enables the understanding, and outlines the essential keys to success for a generation hungry for responsibility.
About the author
John Tyler Koch is a native of Henderson, Texas and graduate of Texas A&M University where he studied Agricultural Leadership and Animal Science. In 2008, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he served until entering the HR profession in 2012. Tyler has spoken across the country on a variety of HR topics, in particular the evolution of the millennial employee, and specializes in helping companies foster a culture of employee engagement. In 2017, Koch authored the best-selling Human Resources book entitled, Just Quit Already: The Employee's Escape Plan for a Toxic Culture, which provides solutions for employees looking to find happiness in the contemporary workforce. Koch now targets those seeking to understand the role of the millennial in the American Republic, and what a millennial powered future means for the political process as we know it. Snowflake Nation introduces Donald Trump to the millennial generation- the lazy, narcissistic, and self-centered victims of the oppressive progressive agenda that thrives within college campuses. The same millennials, who now have the numbers to control every aspect of the American workplace, marketplace, and voting booth— and refuse to be ignored when it comes to their future.