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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Mystery & Detective / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:436
  • eBook ISBN:9781543930207
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543930191

Smoke On the Mountains

by Sam Knupp

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It's 2018 in the regular world, and 1864 just a few miles down Main Street. The civil war uncivilly rages on in heartland America. A great nation is divided against itself. Tearing a few statues down shouldn't rip at the social fabric of a whole country, but after Charlottesville, and that innocent girl being run over - bad things getting worse is only to be expected. Stonewall Jackson sits precariously in the town square, while down in the 'holler' an invading army is encamped. A little girl sets out to find her missing puppy, walking a dangerous path between the past, and the future, and when she doesn't come home a church bell rings the coming storm: what is lost, and what is found is the very meaning of profound. Timberville, VA is ground zero for murder. The seven-foot tall blind pastor over at the Tastee-Freez Church has seen this day coming in his 'mind's eye'. A dark poem overshadows the Blue Ridge.

The probable, and the impossible are about to collide. Monuments in town squares, and cemeteries will come alive, and God in Heaven will finally take sides. It's getting as cold as winter. Spring is far away. Smoke is on the mountains. A little girl waits to be found.

"Tears fall from heaven; then the Shenandoah do carry them away."


High above Timberville 'Old Martin' stands guard. The last bell cast from the Martin Bell, and Cannon Foundry: a mighty work is he. Bigger than any other bell in the whole valley - his voice the crack of doom; able to shatter day into night, and when rung in the darkness hearts are renewed, and made strong. A church is a sanctuary where the faithful gather in times of trouble. It is a mighty fortress, and from its walls will issue forth the people of God. A little lamb has strayed, and now lost. It is a bell that will call alarm. Church bells tell: what they ring is the coming storm.

A desperate man runs to a small valley church. A father's love is a bell too. A father calls into the darkness his greatest need, setting a great bronze bell in motion, pulling with the strength of a father's greatest fears. BOOM the night breaks; the valley wakes. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM - the night shatters: the world will never be the same again.  In hundreds of places boom, boom, boom echoes, and re echoes. The bells of the Shenandoah Valley shake the Blue Ridge, and a path is made straight. All over the valley, for more than twenty miles a voice is heard, and then it echoes. A hundred tiny churches, and fifty more large stately houses of God hear the call, and then call back. Hundreds of church bells begin to ring out boom, boom, boom, and by a quarter past nine the whole valley is aflame. For the second time in a hundred, and fifty years the valley burns. Something terrible is happening.

A child is lost.  Taken by a monster.  The search begins.

About the author

Born in the Shenandoah Valley, Timberville, VA some years ago.  Lived up north as a pastor, counselor, and mental health crisis manager.  Enjoy the company of dogs, and motorcycles.  I'm the  biggest man you'll likely meet, but nice enough, mostly housebroken, and interested in knowing about you, and yours, and how your day going. 

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