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Book details
  • SubGenre:Religious / Christian / General
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Pages:38
  • eBook ISBN:9781610619196

Sir Nick of Tyme

by Kevin Dove

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It was the Middle Ages and Nick, like every little boy in Tyme, wanted to be a knight. There was only one problem. He was the son of a baker and the life of a chef was expected of him. Still, even with his childhood behind him, he couldn't let go of the dream he had as a little boy. In the biggest challenge of his life, one baker will prove that the greatest asset of a knight is found in his heart, not his sword. And he will do it just in the nick of time.
In the hamlet of Tyme, it was every boy's fantasy to be a knight. The stories of great battles were legendary and made instant heroes out of anyone who had the honor of the title Sir. Young Nick, the son of the town's best baker, was no different from any other lad. Unfortunately, Nick was told he could never fulfill his dream. He was to be a baker just like his father and everyone knows that boys who bake are not the stuff that knights are made. As was the custom, Nick grew to take over his father's business. He baked with unprecedented mastery remembering his father's favorite saying, "Bake as if for a king and allow the poor a little taste of royalty." Just like his father before him, Nick baked extras for the hungry and was held in high regard for his kindness. Do to an unfortunate "baking powder" accident in the king's royal kitchen, a command was given to find a baker brave and skilled enough to meet the impossible demands for the royal anniversary feast. Every baker feared the king's horrible temper; to fail meant certain death by the dungeon beast. Only one had the courage to accept the challenge. His name was Nick. Sir Nick of Tyme is a beautifully illustrated story about the values of hard work, kindness, compassion and the influence that these teachings can have on a community once instilled in our children. It reminds us that where you come from is just the beginning of your journey and that dreams, though deferred, are waiting for the right season to blossom.
About the author
As CEO/Creative Director and co-owner of DigiGraph Media in Silver Spring, Maryland, Kevin Dove performs the duties of lead 2D/3D animator, compositor and editor, bringing more than 20 years experience to his craft. Mr. Dove is a graduate of the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC. It was there that the first draft of Sir Nick of Tyme was created in the form of a coloring book. Kevin is a devoted husband and father of two daughters and has served as a deacon at Matthews Memorial Baptist Church in Washington, DC. He and his family reside in Southern Maryland.