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  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:210
  • eBook ISBN:9781483523873

Sincerely, The Mentor

A Journey of Perception

by Jennifer Lee Tracy

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Are you ready to walk with the demons and fly with the angels? Let your mind be opened. Let your heart be captured. Let your life be lived.
Challenge what you see. Transform how you live. From abuse, addiction, disease, and suicide to ailments unable to be diagnosed, the young woman fell repeatedly into the crevasse of abysmal darkness. Yet it was because of her internal journeys to places absent from the light that she discovered her most euphoric summits, from the temple peaks of Mayan ruins and war-torn refugee camps in Asia to African villages where open fire provided the only light once night fell. Her journey is of one life fused to two worlds, one suffering and the other sublime, and ultimately, explores how she exposed the beauty of dissonance. Sincerely, the Mentor reveals how to embrace tragedy as a gift. It is an empowering and inspirational story, told by The Mentor, about a young woman who, in the face of hardship, discovered true happiness, true love, and true life. Are you ready to walk with the demons and fly with the angels? Let your mind be opened. Let your heart be captured. Let your life be lived.
About the author
Jennifer Lee Tracy is a published author, an international researcher, professional speaker, and personal coach. Fundamentally, she believes everyone can achieve the sublime in everyday life, “no matter the suffering that we have come from.” She inspires and empowers people to realize that at every moment in our lives, we are at a crossroad; everyone has the power to choose between success and joy or failure and misery. From Latin America to Asia and Africa to America, Jennifer has lived among some of the most poverty-stricken people. As a researcher, she contributes to improving livelihoods by increasing accessibility to basic needs through improved technology. From open fires to efficient cook-stoves and kerosene to solar lamps, her heart is committed to empowering the underprivileged. Jennifer has been writing stories ever since she first dipped her hands in finger paint. As a researcher, she understands the power of truth discovered in the field, but also can see the chasm that divides “scientific” information and societies. In her writing, she feels an impassioned responsibility to bring the two worlds together. Her travels have taken her across the world, but it is on her internal journeys that she has ventured the farthest. She has been blessed with tragedy after tragedy in her life, which has led her to her most joyous moments. These trials are what have made this woman in her thirties able to humble and inspire even those in their nineties. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Jennifer graduated from the University of Washington in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in both Psychology and Anthropology and a minor in Environmental Studies. After five years of volunteering and gaining field experience around the world, she went back to complete a Master’s degree at Humboldt State University in Energy, Technology, and Policy. When Jennifer is not working with communities in the developing world or speaking and coaching on happiness and self-empowerment, she can be found in her Oregon utopia, somewhere between the Columbia Gorge and Mount Hood, rock climbing, mountain climbing, skiing, sailing, surfing, kayaking, hiking, biking, riding horses, and always on the lookout for new learning experiences.