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Book details
  • SubGenre:Diet & Nutrition / Diets
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Thin Thoughts For Life Series
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:147
  • eBook ISBN:9780956592125

Sex and Slimming

by Fiona Mackenzie Wall

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Weight loss and better sex go together because many of us who need to lose weight, don't feel very sexual. No one enjoys it when their partner, whose body they once fancied, gets bent out of shape by increasing hills of lard! Sex and Slimming will teach you a whole new way to think about your body and food, so you can lose weight and find the sensual, sexual person you thought had gone forever.
Sex and Slimming is going to teach you to totally re-evaluate your self, your body and your relationship with food and your partner. You will learn how to understand your own body rhythms and requirements for nutrition, so that you naturally eat when your BODY requires food, rather than eating because your MIND tells you to. This book will show you all the healthy food you can eat and teach you how to understand your own body, so that you know how much to feed the individual, highly complex machine that your body is. You will know how to shift your body from an upward spiral of weight gain to a downward spiral of weight loss, so that you can just happily get on with your life, knowing and feeling yourself losing weight, rather than continually gaining it. There is a task in the book which is very important to the decision you are finally going to make about getting the weight off. There are also some discussions you need to have with your partner about your sexuality and your weight loss – Sex and Slimming is all the help you need. Chapter listing: 1) Introduction 2) The benefits of being slim 3) The thin outlook 4) The body as a machine 5) Food addiction 6) The old you 7) Sex when you're fat 8) Sex and the mind 9) Do something now 10) A day's eating 11) Eating the wrong foods sensibly 12) Actual hunger versus obesity 13) The brainwashing 14) Europeanized 15) Controlling your own mind 16) Meal ideas for losing weight 17) The boredom factor 18) Maintaining your optimum weight 19) Getting control 20) The changed mind 21) Our children fighting fat 22) Meals at home 23) Exercise 24) The diet con 25) The vitamin debate 26) Acupuncture 27) You can do it but will you 28) Your decision to make 29) A few recipes Publisher's note: Sex and Slimming is a special version of Fiona's Thin Thoughts For Life book, aimed specifically at helping you lose weight to improve your sex life. It contains much of the same content as the original book.
About the author
When meeting Fiona Mackenzie Wall, one is immediately struck by her tenacity to achieve not only her own goals and dreams, but those of others. She has a passion for helping others to see their own potential for improvement and greatness and believes wholeheartedly that we each have the energy of "Source" inside us that is just there waiting to be found. A firm advocate of the power of the sub-conscious mind, she's convinced that as a species, through our individual thought, we have the capacity to live in harmony with each other and the planet we inhabit. Environmental issues are a top priority and throughout Fiona's writing, you will see references to the importance of locally grown and organic food. Fiona is a member of Treesisters.org – a group of women that started in the UK, but are quickly spreading globally. "The focus of the group is a call to women to help reforest the World and move towards the feminine higher self in each of us. The plan is then to start to change our relationship with each, other as human beings and with our relationship to Mother Earth, so the damage and devastation of our Planet will stop." Writing has always been a part of Fiona's life and concerning weight loss, she felt she needed to tell others how it was she came to the end of the battle over her own weight. After struggling for six years and trying every diet under the sun, she came up with her own ideas about eating and successfully lost 38lbs. Having kept the weight off for many years, Fiona decided it was time to help others to do the same. Fiona is also a photographic artist, and more recently has started painting. Much of her work is abstract and she uses both the camera lens and sometimes the computer to create an image she is happy with, that is more like a unique painting than a photograph. Fiona has lived in the Devon countryside for the last twenty years. She describes her writing as a desire that's been handed down through the generations of her family, from her Mother, Great Grandmother and William Paley, whose published works include "Evidences of Christianity".