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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / Paranormal
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Windy Ridge Saga
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:410
  • eBook ISBN:9781623093044

Setting Sun

by CL Cecil

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Keirnan Mosley, a rare female slayer moves to the supernatural infested city, Windy Ridge, after being asked to join an elite band of misfits protecting the innocents. Upon her arrival things start to go awry and it is discovered she is prophesied to become Queen of the Immortals eradicating all in her path as an evil blood sucking vampire. As The Protective races against time to keep her safe she too must learn her skill and band together with those around her in order to keep the oldest vampire at bay and from turning her into what she so desperately fights to destroy.
Always feeling different from everyone else, Keirnan Mosley knew she was destined for something more and her life drastically changes one night when she dreams of a man named Galen Pierce who is the current leader of The Protective, a group of elite supernatural beings out to protect the city of Windy Ridge from The Dark Assembly as they attempt to take over the Immortals within the world and eradicate the human race completely. Upon his explanation that Keirnan is a slayer and could make a great difference in a war against the ones who seek to harm all those who do not bow before the enemy, she accepts Galen's invitation to join his group of elite fire power. Packing her few belongings she gets on a bus and moves away from everything she knows and seeks to settle into her new life by getting an apartment not far from the university campus and starts attending classes. After a quiet arrival Keirnan is mistaken for an innocent and attacked by a vampire on her way home from the library one night and realizes her five weeks of serenity have come to a halt. Jamison Pierce, the new leader of The Protective, rescues her and instantly realizes she is a lot more than meets the eye as she reveals her unpolished skills and her fighting technique. As her story of Galen’s request unfolds, Jamison offers Keirnan the protection she needs in return for her promise to help eradicate all of those belonging to The Dark Assembly who is directly responsible for the betrayal and death of the previous leader and Jamison’s uncle, Galen. Keirnan agrees to Jamison’s terms and begins to wrap her mind around the fact not only are there vampires in existence but also that of werewolves and magia all living within the same world. With this knowledge she embarks on a journey to discover her roots and legacy as a female slayer by beginning to train and delve into what makes all supernaturals tick. Jamison begins to research her background in order to understand why she has been hidden all these years and this leads to a discovery she was born of the two most feared slayers in history Matt and Audrey Burton. As he digs deeper he finds she has been named in a Promitto in which she will some day arise a vampire queen to all the immortals for eternity. After learning of the prediction of her infinite ruling, Levi, the leader of The Dark Assembly, summons her to his castle with the ultimate intention to turn her into the evil in which she has agreed to destroy. Keirnan immediately agrees to sacrifice and trade herself for the freedom of a Protective teammate before quickly realizing it is a trap in which she will need to rely in wit and skill to escape before it’s too late and she begins to hunt and kill all of those she calls allies and innocents.
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