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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Crime
  • Language:English
  • Pages:636
  • eBook ISBN:9781667899923
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667899916

River Crossing

by Steve Leake

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Set in a Mafia war over a valuable river crossing, one man must choose honor, integrity, and family or power and materialistic success. Racial tension, a grandfather's wisdom, and the strength and fire of lost love bring emotions to a boiling point in this romantic adventure novel.
"River Crossing" is a romantic, adventure novel set in New Orleans and rural Mississippi during the early 1990s. Matt Ferguson faces an internal struggle between honor, integrity, and family versus power and materialistic success when he's placed in the middle of a Mafia war over control of a river crossing. The area is ripe for casino development, and the crossing - owned by a civil rights advocate - is essential for financial success. For some unknown reason, Matt's grandfather, an old-fashioned white Southerner who lived during the days of racial segregation, has joined forces with Dorothy Mae Swallow, a leading figure in the civil rights movement, to oppose the Las Vegas and New Orleans factions. Matt is ordered in by his firm to quiet the opposition. His wife Julia, daughter of one of the South's most powerful businessmen, accompanies him hoping to resolve their marital difficulties. Rather than seeking information on her husband's relatives and home, she soon becomes romantically entangled with the Las Vegas mob family's enforcer. This fateful decision, fueled by the appearance of Matt's former fiancée Rachel Carr, leads to deadly betrayal. Racial tension, a grandfather's wisdom, and the strength and fire of lost love bring Matt's emotions to a boiling point. Add in a vicious war between the New Orleans and Las Vegas Mafia factions, and his true character will be forged in love and blood. This novel highlights the grace and beauty of New Orleans and the rural South, describing the people, food, and natural beauty of the area. The emotional struggles over love, materialism, and family honor are displayed in a romantic, action setting sure to stir any reader's heart.
About the author
Steve Leake grew up in Baton Rouge and proudly served the community of southeast Louisiana through a career in law enforcement. Steve was a loving father and husband and selflessly lived his Roman Catholic faith.