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  • SubGenre:Entrepreneurship
  • Language:English
  • Pages:112
  • eBook ISBN:9780986043901

I Have An Idea...Now What?!?

A Blueprint for the 21st Century Entrepreneur

by Remyi Fredson-Cole

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This is the 21st century, and things have never been crazier, more terrifying, or more ideal for entrepreneurship. "I Have An Idea...Now What?!?" will help you to recognize what it takes to engage in successful commerce, taking into consideration the new technologies and societal changes we’re currently undergoing. As the 19th century gave way to the 20th, America moved from an agricultural to industrial age, characterized by urbanization, mechanicalization, and Hollywoodification of America. We are now on the fault line of change, and this is a change of no return in terms of information, knowledge, manufacturing, and economic standards. This is a blueprint for an entrepreneur ready to take on the 21st century. "I Have An Idea...Now What?!?" was written to provide you with insightful stories and methods while being interactive for you to build your OWN blueprint as you move through the book!


The average age of beginning an entrepreneurial endeavor is 42, and the average entrepreneur spends between 30 and 70 percent of their own capital to fund the start-up. This isn’t a necessarily “safe” investment. In fact, the financial industry staple investment advice is to pull back; to invest in safe moderates, to mix in bonds and to maintain cashables. Starting a business is not the low risk investment that most mid-aged, business-minded individuals decide is worth the chance. Yet for those with enough guts and enough gusto to take the reigns and dive into the world of entrepreneurship, the pay off is far greater than the “safe” investments could ever mange. In fact, if you’re willing to expose yourself to these risks earlier in your career, rather than waiting (which seems to be the trend in the 21st century — never before has the society of American entrepreneurs been so young), the payoff is even greater. The best way to succeed is by taking control of your own career; the easiest way to fall behind is by not having the ball in your hands. I Have An Idea…Now What? is both an instructional manual and workbook filled with case studies, anecdotes, and insightful advice for start-up success. Each chapter includes simple, storied experiences and questions to consider; each meant to shed light on the challenges and joys of starting one’s own business or endeavor. The questions are designed to help you create your OWN blueprint for success while going through the script. This guideline to entrepreneurial empowerment is an interactive blueprint for your next start-up – from someone who has learned lessons the hard way, and through it all, managed to find success in several entrepreneurial endeavors.

About the author

Remyi Fredson-Cole, challenges conventional wisdom with his approach to market strategies and brand engineering.  He is the President and Co-Founder of the hair care product brand and retail concept EDIA Cosmetics For Hair.  Remyi, serial entrepreneur who cut his teeth with Fortune 100 companies over a 12-year span while serving various industrial design, engineering and management roles learned the globalization of enterprise systems. Remyi founded ThotBox circa 2003, an Industrial Design and Technology think-tank before forming EDIA Cosmetics for Hair Manufacturing Company with a longtime business partner. Remyi, a first generation American whose father is from Sierra Leone and mother a native New Yorker, was born in upstate New York. He has made Houston, Texas his home, with his wife Julie Gonzales Fredson-Cole and son Jacolb Fredson-Cole. Remyi received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Houston. He is a published author in various trade journals and reference books ranging in topics, which include industrial design, innovation, sustainability and technology.