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  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:American / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:72
  • eBook ISBN:9781626759213

Red Panther

Prepare Yourself He is Coming

by Lester Mingo

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Coahoma was a Native American raised by his mother with Choctaw laws and customs. Racial and cultural conflict would have shaped his life. Then he met Charlotte. Their love for each other could not be denied. But love can be lost when the world finds war as it’s pastime.
EXT. FULLAJAH, IRAG – MORNING Joe Winn’s Platoon is being is overrun by enemy soldiers. He was in charge of the search and destroy mission. Corporal Charles holder was his second in command. The Platoon’s Progress was halted by two snipers. Corporal Holder eliminated the threat by using two of his best men. On the way back to the Platoon rapid gun fire broke a short lived silence. EXT. SMALL VILLAGE – AFTERNOON The enemy was running the wrong way. Corporal Holder and the two marksmen took cover. A look of terror was on the faces of the enemy soldiers. He wanted to thank the soldiers of Joe Winn’s Platoon responsible for the retreat of the enemy. The first person to make it through was Private Coahoma Baker. Coahoma in the Choctaw language meant “Red Panther” Charles would soon find out this was an appropriate name. Lieutenant Winn explains that Coahoma took out ten enemy soldiers. The enemy that was left decided to fight another day.Oklahoma Coahoma was raised by Choctaw customs. His mother was Onna Baker. She married William James Baker with one condition. No matter where they lived Coahoma would know Choctaw law for the first part of his life. William didn’t keep his word and Onna moved in with her uncle, and her two year old son. Training – Three years later Coahoma was eager to learn whatever he could. Uncle Clarence considered him a prodigy who could excel at whatever he tried. Clarence wanted to teach him that his challenge would be more of the mind than the body. A battle would be raged for his soul. Two Panthers would fight to the death. One would be Red and the other Invisible. The Red Panther believes in peace, love and humility. The Invisible one is evil, angry and jealous. EXT. OUTSIDE THE FAMILY HOME ELEVEN YEARS LATER – MORNING Mental preparation had ended. When to attack and defend would now begin. The ease and speed at which he learned amazed his teacher. INT. INSIDE THE FAMILY HOME – EVENING Onna reveals the reasons why she left her husband. Clarence doesn’t believe that not allowing her son to live by Choctaw customs was the only thing that broke up her marriage. Onna confesses to killing her husband’s brother and burying him in the garden. INT. HIGH SCHOOL GYNASIUM ONE YEAR LATER – EVENING Coahoma meets Charlotte at a Sadie Hawkins day dance. Charlotte is a free spirited girl who picks Coahoma. They became friends in school. INT. CHARLOTTE’S HOME TWO WEEKS LATER – EVENING Coahoma meets Charlotte’s parents. Her father is suspicious of anyone who dates his daughter. INT. COAHOMA’S HOME THE NEXT DAY – MORNING An angry Charlotte calls about another girl he’s been seen with at a burger joint. He explains she was his math tutor. INT. JUDO TOURNAMENT IN THE SCHOOL GYMNASIUM – EVENING Coahoma was not ranked for the tournament. His opponent was the state champ. He defeats him in two straight falls in record time. EXT. TURNER’S POINT – LATE EVENING Charlotte is hurt when she finds out Coahoma joined the reserves without consulting with her. September 11, 2001 Coahoma is deployed to Iraq. EXT. FULLAJAH, IRAQ – AFTERNOON Wake up! Wake up! You’re sleeping on my time! Coahoma had been dreaming about his life in Oklahoma just a few months ago. EXT. RESCUE MISSION ON A DIRT ROAD IN IRAQ – LATE AFTERNOON Coahoma loses a friend when he steps on a land mine. His mental state changes on the battlefield. He acts out his worst fears. INT – AMERICAN MILITARY HOSPITAL IN GERMANY – MORNING His second tour of duty is over. He has to be examined in the American military hospital in Germany. The German born Dr. ask him about the tattoo on his arm. He explains that he is wearing it in honor of his great grandparents who walked the trail of tears. EXT. COAHOMA RETURNS HOME – AFTERNOON Onna meets him at the airport. She tells him that Charlotte has married another man.
About the author
Graduate of University of California Irvine, and California State University Long Beach. I have written four e-books. The Sermon, 11 Minutes to LAX, A Gangster's Religion, and Red Panther.