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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Motivational & Inspirational
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Red Eagle Speaks
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:150
  • eBook ISBN:9781617925832

Red Eagle Speaks

Book of Wisdom

by Riz Mirza & Oriah Miller

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Red Eagle Speaks, A Book of Wisdom offers powerful insights and flexible, clear and practical life teachings. Psychic Medium Riz Mirza has a rare gift of being able to receive communication from a being called Chief Red Eagle, who lived more than a century ago. This book was dictated word for word by Red Eagle through Riz and told to Oriah Miller over a series of 13 nights. Oriah documented this collection of spiritual guidance and compiled it into this book. Red Eagle's message is one of self transformation and evolution. The chapters give insight into the ego, shifting perspective, and overcoming fear while awakening the love within all of humanity. Red Eagle's language is simple, provocative and easy to understand by all no matter what "level" of spirituality they are on.
In 2008, musican and artist Riz Mirza started having powerful psychic experiences.He began telepathically communicating with a being who identified himself as Native American Chief who lived over a century ago by the name of Red Eagle. Red Eagle told Riz that he would like to deliver messages of love, truth and awakening to the people of Mother earth. Riz began giving psychic readings to anyone who would listen. The messages were strikingly accurate and life changing. Riz left his home in New York City with nothing but the clothes on his back and his guitar and moved his life to Los Angeles. There he began channeling Red Eagle in deep trance to large groups of people.This book is red Eagle’s offering to everyone who has met him and those who are about to, like you. From Red Eagle Hello, I am Red Eagle and I will speak. Where do we begin? There is no better time than the present. We should begin in the moment. That is where we must always begin. This moment. There is no better place to start than this moment, for everything is here, and now. Some people will argue that there is a past and a future, but for this discussion, this conversation, we will only discuss this moment. This moment that you are reading this book. Not the moment before, or the moment that your mind is jumping to, what will be in the next chapter or the next page. What will you get out of this book? I have a better question for you, what will you put into this book? What will you bring of yourself to this book? Do you think it is a one way conversation? It is not. Your life is not a one way conversation. From God, or whatever you want to call the Divine force that is greater than you, He or She is not telling you something that you have to always only listen to and never respond to. It is a co-creative effort. Everything is created by what you bring of yourself to it. Maybe you think Red Eagle is writing this book. I think we are writing this book. In this moment, what is between you and this book? What is there that stands between you and understanding, feeling, absorbing the concepts and the words and the heart that is beating in between the words? In between the lines. There is only one thing in between this book and you. And that is You. You stand in the way of yourself from learning something, from experiencing something because there is always two of you. There is the observer and there is the one doing. Which one are you? Sometimes you are the observer-you say I cannot believe I just did that, I cannot believe I just said that. So you are observing and also doing at the same time. And much of your life flashes before you so quickly that time passes and you feel you have not truly done much with this life. You feel that time has passed you by-it came and went so fast. Now you are here, and you feel old, even if you are young. There are many questions about “what is time?” The greatest answer that I have to give you is how you make it. What you do inside of it, what you bring to it. Who am I? Who is Red Eagle? Maybe you are reading this book because you think Native American Chiefs are very wise. Let me tell you, there were very many Chiefs that were not very wise in my time. I have had many physical lives and I am pure essence like you. But I am unfiltered, unbridled- in my purest state, and therefore I AM. And through a very interesting and peculiar process I am able to come through “time and space reality” You can put both of these in quotation marks. But for this discussion I will say we are coming through Time and Space Realities. The person whose body I am speaking through- he is a channel. It is like when you are watching the television, you watch a channel. What is a channel? It is the particular frequency position of the unit, the television that is picking up a particular frequency that is flying through time and space realities. And so, he is ‘tuned in’. You know what it is like to be ‘tuned in’. When you meet someone who is tuned in, you say “Oh, it was a pleasure to meet that person, it was very exciting, there are so tuned in.” People pay a lot of money to speak to people, to work with people, to hear people who are tuned in. For some of you a person who is a Channel is a strange new concept. But even you, who is reading this book have channeled. Many of you, I should say all of you- have experienced a time in your life when you have said to yourselves; ‘How did I say that? How did I do know that? How did I do that? It was beyond me. I don’t know where I got the strength from. I don’t know what made me think of that. I had told that person so many things about their life, when they were telling me a problem, I had the solution. My mouth was moving, I did not know what I was saying but I felt energy when I was doing it. There was great intent, and great wisdom in my words.’ We will say you were Channeling. You were tuned in, you were dialed in. Who are we? We are your Spirit Guides. When you dial into us, we answer the phone. You can say we don’t let it go to voicemail! And we always have the time for you. In your very business orientated world, your production orientated world, your results orientated world, your quick results orientated world, your regimented world, your scheduled world, your disciplined world, where is the bliss? Those structures, are they working? You might say “Yeah, the trains are arriving on time, the tracks are holding the train. They are on schedule. Planes are landing. Babies are being born with all sorts of complicated machines around them, to make sure everything is alright.” Regimented, safe. And you say disaster happens when? What is not in the structure or the process, or the regimented schedule happens -that is disaster. When you are working with the energies that you refer to as metaphysical, spiritual, it is a whole new ball game. It is not about structure. Not in the way you see it. The artist, the creative people of your time, of all times- they know what we are talking about. No artist likes to be put into a structure or into a time schedule. That is very painful for them because they know of creation in a very different way than you. It has been said that all people were born as artists, creative. But as soon as the judgment come on them about what they are doing, if it is not beautiful or creative enough then the child is discouraged, not encouraged. They are disempowered, not empowered. And so you are killing creativity in your young. It is everywhere. You say only certain creative people will fit into your regimented world, your quick results orientated world. And when you have time to reflect on these things, once in a while, you feel saddened. You talk about the loss of innocence. If you are not innocent what are you- guilty? Of what are you guilty? What crime did you commit that you are guilty? Self love. That is a term nobody want to hear, it has become cliché that you have to love yourself more. That is not enough for you. Spiritual lessons that tell you to be more compassionate, to respect the Earth, to love one another, to believe in yourselves, to let go of your past, to let go of your fear, to be appreciative and grateful for the many blessings you have received. You disregard these teachings, you say “I have heard that before, I hope that this book by this dead Indian will tell me something new.” Ha! That is like riding a bike but you don’t know how to turn left or right, you don’t know how to use the brakes, you don’t know how to go faster, and you don’t know how to balance. So you sit on the bike and you tell the teacher, “I know you have to have to turn this way to turn left, and turn that way to turn right and to press this to make the bike to go slower, and you have to exert more effort forward to move in that direction.” So feel you are sitting there on the bike, it is like that with the teachings. You want something more, something that will move you. And the world, the planet, is flying through space, spinning around, tilting back and forth breathing and pulsating with countless amount of creatures and living things. Moving through its atmospheres around the ball of fire that you call the sun, and you are sitting there not moving, while everything else moves. You wonder why things don’t change, and we wonder why you don’t change. And so here we are in this moment, that is all we have. In this book I will talk to you, I hope you will hear me. Everything that I will tell you is for you. Specifically YOU. Do not think of the fact that there are millions of others reading these words. How do you know this book wasn’t meant really for you? Just for you. I want you to hear and to read these words in this book, like I have written them just for you and you alone. Let us begin.
About the author
As one of LA’s most sought after spiritual teachers, Riz Mirza is a Master Channel/Psychic Medium with roots both in India and the United States, combining ancient wisdom and a contemporary global mindset. His unique gift has helped countless people gain clarity, insight and tremendous positive life energy. Now living in Los Angeles, he is impacting people’s lives with his one-on-one in depth Private Psychic Readings in person, or by phone, or to large groups. He’s gained enormous popularity. His talks and readings and have often been hailed as “profound and poetic.” Riz connects people with their ‘spirit guides’ whom he says stand with every human being, and are loving, penetrating and often humorous. His devoted following of loyal clients stem across the continent, and are touched by his messages of truth and insights. Riz Mirza and Oriah Miller are a Spiritual team spreading Psychic Messages and Transformational Life Empowerment teachings through talks, seminars, books, TV appearances, radio interviews, one on one personal readings and couples counseling. Oriah is a captivating life coach, producer and women’s empowerment speaker. Together, this dynamic team combines New Age wisdom and Transformational Training to awaken and change lives all over the globe. www.rizmirza.com