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  • SubGenre:Applied Psychology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:107
  • eBook ISBN:9789549664478

Read E-Books Faster!

Printed and Virtual Text Speed Reading Manual

by Petar Ivanov

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This book is the first practical efficient reading manual. It contains a description of factors and methods that speed up the reading of various printed and virtual texts. The training with the proposed methods and schemes guarantees much faster reading without any influence on the text comprehension. The book is intended for readers with self-perfection ambitions.
This book is not for everyone. It is for people with ambitions who want to advance and perfect themselves as personalities, who seek and strive for Success, who are focused on their future and insist on achieving something more in their lives. It is intended only for people who love reading and it is something very important to them, a cherished life value. Yet, there is a considerable part of people, as it is well-known, for whom the precious and fascinating pursuits are other, different and distant from knowledge, intellect, wisdom, progress. The ones that read very little should be cunning and deceitful in order to show themselves as wise without being wise. This book is not intended for such people. Speed reading art mastering gives irrefutable advantages to people who are skilful at it to some degree, as two important objectives are achieved – manifold increase of the reading speed of a given text for a unit of time and improvement of the comprehension of meaning and information from the read text. The people who use this manual and exert certain efforts could really learn how to read several times faster without hampering the comprehension and assimilation of the read text. There is no other sphere, in which so little efforts could lead to such big results, at that in many different areas – from learning to business, from leisure pleasures to professional qualification, from self-improvement to cultural engagements, etc. If your profession or circumstances in your life require (necessitate) or make possible your frequent engagement in written texts, no matter what they are, then, with the assistance of this book, you could save some time of your life, and as we all know, time is the most precious thing for people. You could achieve for a short period the things, which those who cannot read fast would achieve long after you. That means that speed reading gains you time and advantage. In the long run, the result is money-making because it has been well-known for a long time that just like time is money, in the same way every advantage in this pragmatic world is cashed down (it makes money), regardless of anything. Good luck!!!
About the author
psychology professor, doctor of science