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Book details
  • SubGenre:Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Unseen Genie
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:60
  • eBook ISBN:9798350904314


A Message from the Uncooked Pool

by c. chico

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In Rawlynn A Message from an Uncooked Pool offers a pleasurable dip into the conscious mind of a Black Man with the spirit of I Am. A journey of a soul in its beginnings of understanding body, mind, spirit, and knowing. A pose of poems filled with heart, an infinite state of inner standing self, and a flow that pools to light. Aimed to capture and open the eyes of those that have experienced a life in a world built on the pillars of slavery and greed. This pose begins with Rawlynn the vessel and c._chico the soul meeting each other outside of time. In a space where blue-black fire engulfs them to one pace. Taking them to the center of Earth where their art is the voice on a stage of choice. Before the greatest race, where you have to see in order to know where you've been placed. Art of words for those who have eyes and a blow of the trumpet for those who have ears.
RAWLYNN A Message from an Uncooked Pool is the beginning of a soul journey into self the Unseen Genie. We are clowns upside down... "Face Paint Me Wild". I am the black man who frowns. We've been beaten down. Our world was taken and we rest with no crowns. This pose of spoken words, a bare pour into a lake of my historia. Tall tales of my experiences in this unnatural light when I came to the ground. Born into ignorance of holistic systems so I drowned. Then reborn to swim for adventure and to retrieve moments of beautiful visions. I begin backward with no downs in this game of life. Shackled to Earth in Super Bowls my skin is my uniform. No team but I thrive in my own theme. Poems dedicated to all So(u)ns. I've collected dreams for you to affect the worlds of memes. No memories for ones that couldn't release from a world of do what you please. Sunken in illusions, only the soul has a tone. The body is just a representation of your music when it's on. Tune your sound waves in order to destroy this American maze. To stand tall, a brand new god; the capital of a mind that remembers it all. Nonsense from a creature that travels in cycles and wants to share his thoughts from a conscience that lives in the dark. In hopes for others to see to ignite their sparks and give them a thought about this world of chaos where we all seem separate and apart.
About the author
c._chico is an American Artist from the Midwest. A member of the Unseen, that innerstand what living in this world truly means. He uses his art to give knowing with hopes of lighting souls that still reside in the dark. To share sights from his All Might is c._chico's true purpose. A talented student of the creative arts, the occult, and spiritual teachings from a buried time. A modern philosopher who knows nothing but speaks from see. This first novel is the beginning of his journey.