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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Motivational & Inspirational
  • Language:English
  • Pages:327
  • eBook ISBN:9780957032217

Raindrops to Rainbows

A Story of Awakening

by Yvonne Jevons

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Ever wonder why you were here? Yvonne did from a young age, not feeling like she fitted in at all. This is a heartwarming story of hope and inspiration. Drawing on years of experiences which shaped her life, Yvonne guides the reader through some of these incredible life changing experiences. Showing that there really is a very different world to be lived to the one generally accepted by most people and that life really can be an adventure.
Yvonne's life had been little different from most peoples, though she knew form a young age that she didn't feel like she fitted in to life here. It wasn't quite how she imagined it and had no idea why she would even think that. Instead of a wondrous and exciting life she thought was in store from a very early age, heartaches and traumas had made for a life of desperation and daily survival. The wondrous life changes after learning the Raindrop Technique were followed by awe inspiring teaching after finally meeting someone she had been looking for all her life. That life of daily survival changed into a joy-filled and contented one. Yvonne weaves her heartwarming story of hope and inspiration guiding the reader through her variety of life experiences. From nursing, electronics training, motherhood and ultimately leading into the realms of complementary therapies, energy work and personal transformation. This personal transformation is available to everyone if it is what you truly desire. Yvonne put off writing her story for years, convinced that no-one would ever be that interested, but she came to realise that by sharing her story it might help others to know that they aren't alone - we are here to help each other. No matter what your life experiences have been so far, you can pick yourself up and shine your light again. Far from being an airy-fairy book, this is the gritty reality of how life can become meaningless. Through her story Yvonne offers an insight into the true potential which lies within each one of us. A percentage of all profits from the sale of this book will be donated to One Generation Project.
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