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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Faith
  • Language:English
  • Pages:138
  • eBook ISBN:9781667829685

Questions for God the next time you see Him

by Stephen Long

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This is a fun book about a serious subject. It reminds people that someday they will meet their maker face to face. The book contains 100 questions that you may wish to ask Him about a wide variety of subjects including Jesus, God Himself, Heaven, the divine system, reincarnation, the history of the earth, past civilizations, evolution, alien visitation, the Akashic records, the great flood, and more.
The book, "Questions for God, the next time you see Him" is written to help prepare readers for the moment they are standing before God and get the chance to speak with the Father Himself. Since God does not lie, this moment will be our only chance to discover the whole Truth about the history of the world and the mechanism of His Divine system that we live in. Because God is quite busy and our time for questions and answers will be limited so it seems prudent to know what questions are important to us before we find ourselves in this position. The author does not claim to have any answers whatsoever but, like you, he has many questions about life on Earth and the hereafter. By making a list of questions for God ahead of time, we can make the most of what literally will be the opportunity of our lifetime. I am just a regular guy, a common man, and have no religious training or particular religious beliefs. Although he considers himself to be a Christian I do not know if He will agree that this is the case or not. Mr. Long believes that although we think of ourselves as being quite sophisticated and technologically advanced we are in fact one of the dumbest, most arrogant, and self-absorbed incarnations, or crops, of human beings that has ever lived on planet Earth. In addition many in our society today have distanced themselves from God and view science as a new religion thinking that they can cheat death by merging consciousness with machines. We view those who came before us as primitive, backwards, and inferior even though in many ways they were more advanced than we are today. The megalithic sites near Cusco in Peru such as Mach Picchu could not be built today because of the perfectly fitted stones which are estimated to weigh up to 100 tons and are too heavy to be moved by even our most powerful machines. The same is true for many ancient obelisks and the Moai stone statues on Easter Island. We are told that the oldest religious structure found on Earth is Gobekli Tepe in Turkey which is estimated to have been built between 9,000 – 10,000 B.C. with stone pillars weighing nearly 20 tons by people using stone tools who didn't even know about the wheel.The pyramids at Giza are said to be over 4,000 years old. The largest is built from 2.3 million stone blocks and constructed with as few as 20,000 workers using hand tools like sledges, rollers, and levers. Even if this is true, it is curious that no trace of carbon has been found on the walls of the interior chambers. This means that they were constructed without torches to provide light and that arc batteries such as the Baghdad battery and ancient light bulbs like those seen in hieroglyphs were probably used to finish the interior artwork and construction. Think about this when you imagine that people in the past were simple cave dwellers who had no knowledge, understanding, or technology.   We now know that we have been lied to many times by our government, educators, and the news media concerning many recent and current events. Therefore it is reasonable to believe that much of our history is, at best, only partially true and likely this history is a bald faced lie. In fact we are lied to so often we don't know what to believe any more. Since evidence can be fabricated, and testimony can be distorted or withheld, it is easy to be doubtful about anything we are told. It is possible that soon even video and photographic evidence will no longer be admissible in court. So when it comes down to religious beliefs it is not a question of proof but a matter of Faith. Until we can ask God directly, Faith is all we can rely on to guide us about how to treat each other and how to live our lives.
About the author
Steve met his wife Cindy while serving in the Army in Augsburg, Germany. Soon after that they were married and moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado where they lived for two years. When they got the chance they moved to the mountains of North Idaho where they bought some land in the mountains and began building a log cabin, where they still live today. Neither had any building experience but, this didn't stop them. They moved back to the land with almost no money, no experience, a willingness to sacrifice, lots of youthful energy., and a stack of Mother Earth News magazines to inspire their back to the land adventure. Over they years they brought it power, built a wood shop, developed a homestead, and began making wooden toys which they sold at area craft fairs for twenty years. When gasoline prices began to skyrocket and it got expensive to travel to art shows, Steve taught himself to be a web master so he could spend more time at home. Little by little they kept working on their homestead and making improvements As time and money allowed. Their property is mostly covered in evergreen trees so they spent a lot of time cutting trees and clearing the land. Now Steve is mostly retired and Cindy grows lots of food in her greenhouse and garden. They enjoy being at home and only go to town once a week. Steve enjoys his ham radio hobby and they both try to play a few games of pool everyday in a carport that they converted into a billiards room. Years ago they wrote several books about marketing artwork and craft products but hadn't thought anymore about writing for years. But when Steve turned 70 years old, he began thinking of writing again and soon began working on this book. At age 70 he knew that his best days were behind him   and this is how he was inspired to write "Questions for God the next time you see Him". He had a lot of questions that he would like to ask God and thought that other people would too. He has no affiliation with any particular religion and no religious training whatsoever. Steve considers himself to be just a regular guy and does not pretend to have any answers, but a lot of questions. Hopefully you will enjoy this book and give some thought to some of your own questions to ask God the next time you see him.

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