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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Spirituality
  • Language:English
  • Pages:794
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667837642


A Synthesis on Human History & Spirituality

by Matthew Lamoureux , Richard McPherson, Tyler Zacharius and Daniel Scott

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Many people today ask themselves difficult questions, such as "What is the meaning of life?" or "What is my purpose?". This book, "Psycosmos - A Synthesis on Human History & Spirituality", begins to assist the reader in answering those questions for themselves. Take a journey through the last 10,000 years of human history, along with a synthesized but in-depth understanding of the world's most popular religions. This book will help anyone draw the parallels between the spiritual practices and opinions of the world, backed by scientific evidence and concrete historical facts. This book details how to survive the modern era, which has been riddled with secret symbology, misunderstandings, lies and egregious sins. If you are looking for a work which will change your life, then pick up a copy of "Psycosmos - A Synthesis on Human History & Spirituality".
Throughout this book, the authors discuss many subjects and events in detail which may be unknown to most readers. The title of this book, Psycosmos – A Synthesis on Human History & Spirituality, is exactly what it implies. The key word in the title is 'synthesis', which Oxford dictionary defines as "the act of combining separate ideas, beliefs, styles, etc.". The subjects discussed in this great work are an amalgamation of ideas from all over the world, and as such, there is not enough time nor space within this great work to further emphasize everything in intricate detail. If the reader resonates with certain aspects of this great work, the reader should take the time to do their own due diligence and study these topics in greater detail. This has been emphasized so that the reader understands that the authors are presenting as much information as they have allotted, but this does not mean that the authors have ascribed everything about each topic. The intent is to simply relay this information, synthesize the important knowledge and make it easily digestible and understandable for the reader. These subjects and events are not only complex, but righteously invoke intense intellectual, emotional, and spiritual reactions. Everyone must understand that there are many subjects, events, systems, and people (good and bad), which are misunderstood, misaligned, and provoked. This is ultimately due to a fundamental lack of true understanding of the history, spiritualities and philosophies of humanity as a whole. 'Omnism' is defined as "the belief that no one religion is 'correct', but that truth is found in all religions.". 'Syncretism' is defined as "The reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief, as in philosophy or religion, especially when success is partial or the result is heterogeneous.". These aspects will be seen throughout this great work. Few things in existence, especially within the confines of the human experience, exist in a vacuum. The same is true for almost all events, subjects, systems, and peoples which we will discuss in this book. People must be free to openly discuss complex issues, ideas, history, disciplines, religions, cultures, and systems in order to create a better world. Everyone must be willing to have a genuine conversation about these topics, and present both facts and emotions in a way that balances everything. The authors do not claim to be masters, nor that the understanding of these topics is an easy task; but it has to be done in order to understand who we are as a collective humanity where we come from, where we are going, and ultimately, where our true potential of love and wisdom will lead us. The authors may speak in generalities or bias in this great work; if the reader disagrees, then that is to their own discretion and opinion, however the authors hope the bibliography will be of great use for those who wish to do their own research. The authors will discuss observations and facts about history, culture, philosophy, science, religion, psychology, and many other disciplines to paint a picture of the greatest human treasure; the Sacred Secretion, and its vast wisdom. In doing so, we will have to discuss many "uncomfortable" and dark topics which have occurred throughout the course of human history. The authors seek the divine retribution of wisdom into the innocent hearts of the people; not to castigate, blame, or target anyone, but instead, give all people a platform of basic truths and principles to launch themselves into their own cosmic journey. Psycosmos is a collection of observations and insights that can be strengthened at any time, by anyone who is capable of enlightenment and guided by the principles of wisdom and love. This book will strive to place this information, as well as our own observations and insights, into the proper context as best as possible. Human destiny is so full of light, potential, and the promise of a bright future.
About the author

Team Psycosmos (Matthew, Richard, Tyler & Daniel) is a group dedicated to exposing the evils of the world through the divine gifts of love and wisdom. Curiosity led them to solving the mystery of "who is at the top of the hierarchal food chain" in reference to the financial system. From there, Team Psycosmos began studying the esoteric & the occult; the language of the upper elites. Team Psycosmos is an organization dedicated to healing the world through rational, empathetic and critical thinking, with a focus on health and fitness.

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Incredibly inclusive and well researched This book has it all. Almost every culture is represented here, as this book shatters stereotypes and discovers what it means for each of us to be human. The beauty of this book encapsulates the beauty of the world around us. Read more
Unbelievable The amount of effort this must have took is staggering. One of the best books I've ever read, hands down. Read more
Unfolding info / great book! Truly an eye opening book. I found it super interesting information that I have yet discovered before. You will absolutely find something in here that exposes you to something new and unrevealing. I was intrigued as a art history snob, to learn some new facts about Art/ and different ways to look at art pieces! Lots to unfold in this beautiful book. Read more
Downright Seditious Text Honestly astonished this book made it off the press w.o being shadow banned. The knowledge within runs deep , opening the mind of whoever is willing to expose themselves to it. As the authors state , this is not gospel.. due diligence is key. For those who take the plunge , you will be rewarded. If you’re comfortable with mediocrity DO NOT read this book. If you seek informed perspectives and a few paradigm shifts , I highly suggest investing in this book. $99 is a steal , don’t let the price tag get in the way of your education. M. Read more
This Book Changed My Life I always felt lost in the world and like I didn’t belong until I started reading this book. Everything that I knew started to make more sense and now I feel very secure in my beliefs and path in life. The way that Psycosmos wrote this book, you can tell it was done with love and wisdom, the incredible pillars to society. This book is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone that may feel lost or confused. Read more