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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Occult & Supernatural
  • Language:English
  • Pages:307
  • eBook ISBN:9781495130366

Prophecy of the Seven Bottles

by Scott Troy Kovarik

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Avery Cole is abducted in 1985 by ET's on a dark Seattle highway, and awakens in his car holding a strange device. When hooked to the Internet in 2005, its purpose is clear: to help prepare humanity for a devastating planetary event predicted for millennium. Cole returns to a California beach seeking closure on his past and a sign, and meets social media ninja, Madi Blake. Soon, the two find themselves key players in a wild cosmic agenda for the salvation of humanity, and the exposure of a priceless secret mankind has sought for ages untold. This story is fictional, but based on ancient prophecy, spiritual wisdom and mystical teachings.


There is a secret so powerful it makes the Holy Grail look like a Dixie cup. Avery Cole found it, and now they will do anything to stop him…

The date is 1985. Computer intern Avery Cole is abducted by ET’s on a dark Seattle highway and awakens in his car holding a strange device. In 2005 Cole hooks it to the Internet and discovers something startling: this device is executing a program.

As the mysterious hardware analyzes the world’s digital data, enigmas are decoded before Cole’s eyes. The true meaning of scriptures, legends, prophecies, and great mysteries are revealed. Cole realizes the purpose of this device: to prepare humanity for an event prophesied for millennium: A rogue planet on the fringes of our solar system threatens to unleash untold destruction upon earth.

Cole returns to a California beach seeking closure on his past. In obedience to a bizarre vision, he prepares to launch seven bottles into the sea when he meets social media ninja, Madi Blake. As the two follow the signs, they are set on a wild cosmic agenda to expose the answer that could help save humanity, and elevate those prepared to the level of god-status.

Will dark forces intent on holding on to power stop them? What are Avery, Madi, and this alien device’s shocking connection to Jesus Christ, extraterrestrials, and a dark church secret? Could this actually happen? Is it happening now? If you found a bottle would you heed the wisdom of its message and survive…the Prophecy of the Seven Bottles?

This story is fictional, yet based on ancient prophecy, legend, spiritual wisdom and mystical teachings.

About the author

Scott Kovarik is a professional musician/songwriter, author, human potential explorer, and wellness consultant. Scott's music has been featured on hit TV shows, a feature film and sold thousands of downloads worldwide. He is also the author of the new metaphysical thriller novel, "Prophecy of the Seven Bottles." Scott is a consultant in the medical field and is developing innovative new retail programs for hospitals that offer whole-person oriented health and wellness products to enhance patient recovery, prevent disease, and improve health outcomes. Scott lives in Cleveland, Ohio.