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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Series title:PROGENETER series
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:210
  • eBook ISBN:9780973113747

Progeneter II

Immortality Endgame

by Steve Bareham

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PROGENETER II Immortality Endgame: The Bacob monks are on the run after a botched Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, and Firearms raid on the tribe’s village. The assault resulted in the death of Mekel’s father, but the authorities, and ChemCorp, failed to net the crystal skull, the materials needed to prepare the life extension formula, or to capture a Bacob, the only people who know how to prepare the drug for human injection. So, a now desperate Andrew McCord, ChemCorp’s CEO, dispatches a team of South American mercenaries, led by the feared Eduardo d’Aubisson. d’Aubisson’s task is simple: get the skull and capture someone with the knowledge of how to use it. Now, Mekel Mak’ina, his team, and Dr. Helen Murray, flee the U.S. and enter Canada illegally, hiding deep in the mountains of southeastern British Columbia. They hope, in this remote, wilderness area, that they, the skull, and the secrets they protect, will be safe. But Eduardo d’Aubisson knows how to find people. Enter Swandy, the leader of a team of ex-NATO soldiers hired by Dr. Helen Murray’s father to protect her. A seemingly simple assignment on the surface, but Swandy and his team don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into. PROGENETER introduces valuable information in a package best described as educational fiction, a genre where important lessons are learned while we are also entertained. And the lessons in this book revolve around the future of humans. The facts reveal that humans, according to the United Nations Population section, are on track to multiply from 7 billion people today to 10-12 billion by 2050 and to 15 billion by 2100. If you’re younger than 40, you should worry about 2050 events, and if you’re having children, you should worry about events of the year 2100. But we don’t tend to think in decades; we tend to be apathetic and to think short term. If the projections come to pass, it is extremely unlikely that there will be enough space, food, or water for 5 billion more people—the equivalent of two more China’s and two more India’s—by 2050, let alone 2100? Children born today, as they near the ends of their lives in 2100, may face co-existence with eight billion more people, more than twice today’s number! BONUS: the PROGENETER books are also highly illustrated with 70 full color photos that bring the action to visual life!
What would you do for a drug that enables you to live 250 years? Though tripled lifespans sound fantastic, what would extra-long life mean for a planet already headed for disastrous overpopulation—10 billion people by the year 2050 according to the United Nations? In the two-book PROGENETER set, this is the scenario presented, except that a new medical discovery means the number of humans will grow even faster if people can buy longevity, and they would, despite downsides: starvation, pollution, economic and social strife of unimaginable proportions. Ignoring the negatives, the head of a multinational drug company wants the drug for the money, for the power, and for personal reasons of a more sinister nature. And he will go to any length to secure it. PROGENETER is an action-packed 212,000-word, two-book adventure saga that spans centuries, from Mayan monks who escaped the expedition of Spanish conquistador Francisco de Coronado to current day. The small tribe lived in isolation in the bowels of the Grand Canyon, protecting the secret life extension formula and the mysterious crystal skull that enables the needed molecular realignment. After learning that the tribe will not give up the mysterious formula, the amoral CEO sends mercenaries to get it—even by force. Present-day Mayan warrior monks, the Bacob, seek to evade the contract mercenaries, but a showdown is unavoidable and ancient martial arts are pitted against modern-day weaponry. Central characters are Mekel Mak’ina, leader of the mysterious Mavas u Ch’an and guardian of secrets intended to help the human race but that now threaten everyone, perhaps everything, on earth. And Dr. Helen Murray, the drug company researcher who travels to the land of the Mavas u Ch’an to persuade the Mayans to share the most incredible medical miracle of all time. In an oasis a mile below the Canyon rim, she comes to discover, but she finds much more than she could ever have imagined. Romance, thrilling action, and exploration of the impacts of longer life on an already over-populated planet make PROGENETER a rare read. With an intricate plot and building suspense, plus an intriguing philosophy reminiscent of the Celestine Prophecy, this is fiction for readers who like to learn while being entertained. Have you wondered about how and why the great civilizations of 5,000 years ago rose and fell? In this book, you get insights. Have you wondered about the violent tendencies of humans; the book offers an intriguing idea that traces human violence to genetics. And there is much more unique material. It’s unlike anything you’ve read before. BONUS: the PROGENETER books, I and II are fully illustrated, featuring 70 brilliant color photos that bring to life images found on the pages. “Its eerie incarnation inspired awe and dread for more than 5,000 years, yet through all that time, it remained a mystery. No one knew who made it, or how, or why. One of the realities for Hunab-Ku was the skull with the eyes that burned. In the years it had sat at his side, he learned much of its secrets and its powers. When used with perception as unmarred as the inferno that fed its creation, it could guide men’s minds and shape forces and events in great and as yet unfathomable ways. Of one thing he was certain—the skull must remain with the Bacob. In the wrong hands, it could sow devastation. Soon, though, in a blink of the time that the crystal took to form, his worst fears would be realized. Death would stalk not only the Maya, but all of human kind. Better the crystal never emerged from darkness.”
About the author
Steve Bareham has written ten books (8 nonfiction and two fiction) over the past 27 years, through publishers such as Harper Collins, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, and EduServ. He teaches marketing and business communication courses to management students at Selkirk College in Nelson, B.C., Canada. His research for a cross cultural communications course unearthed startling new information about global overpopulation that needs to be shared and become more widely known. There are ways to mitigate the impending crisis, but coordinated action is lacking thus far.