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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Reference / Concordances
  • Language:English
  • Duration:4 Hours 36 Minutes
  • Audiobook ISBN:9781958876534

Profound Secrets of Jesus and His Inner Circle

by Patrick Cage

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Profound Secrets of Jesus and His Inner Circle will bring to light Paradigm altering facts surrounding Christ's, arrest crucifixion and resurrection. The book provides an Indepth understanding of the substantial roles played by Mary Magdalene in Christ's resurrection and mission.
The books of the Bible contain an abundance of information concealed in parable and simile; it reads on different levels. Teasing out meaning is a rigorous but worthwhile endeavor. For me, it involved an exhaustive search of the Old Testament, comparing it to information in the New Testament, then trying to find corroboration outside the Bible. What I discovered in this process was eye-opening. The research revealed that it was Mary Magdalene, and not God, who resurrected Jesus from the dead. She went to the tomb of Jesus on the third day for that very purpose. It became apparent to me that the disciples of Jesus knew this but chose to hide it because they believed a new movement founded by a woman would not sell. That the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Judas were co-redeemers, along with Christ, in the salvation of humanity, they were not equal to Christ but co-redeemers nonetheless. That at all times throughout the Passion (suffering and death of Jesus), Judas did not oppose Jesus but worked in tandem with him so that the crucifixion would occur on a specific day prefigured in the Hebrew Bible. Judas, like Jesus, was a martyr. He ended his life when his mission on Earth ended. Next, research makes it apparent that the Apostle Paul had contact with Jesus before his death and was present at the crucifixion. Patrick B. Cage viii Paul chose to hint at it rather than outright admit this out, fearing that acknowledging this could create problems for his ministry, especially among Jews, but within circles of Gentile converts as well. Women played a role equal to, if not more significant than, the disciples did in the ministry of Jesus. It was the women, not the men, who understood the mission of Jesus. Women, including Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, played essential, not secondary, roles in the accomplishment of the purpose of Christ and the salvation of man. Jesus bequeathed his legacy of miracles to women. We will seek to prove beyond doubt that a triumphalist Jesus walked the earth two thousand years ago. He performed many miracles. These miracles were promptly investigated and determined to be authentic. Finally, the research makes clear that Jesus was not crucified because he was a false Messiah; he was crucified because the leadership that opposed him realized he was the Messiah. Jesus was crucified with impunity by a group of people who did not fear him because they did not believe in an afterlife.
About the author
Patrick B. Cage Labor Lawyer practicing in the Midwest.
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