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Book details
  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Powerful Prayers of Praise and Petition
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:35
  • eBook ISBN:9781301099047

Powerful Prayers of Praise and Petition for Singles and Couples

by Rita Pam Tarachi

Book Image Not Available Book Image Not Available
Love is such a beautiful emotion. Even better is when you’re in love with the right person, the one meant for you. Your soul mate. Many are misled by what they watch on TV and by what they read. Filling your mind with romance movies and books is unhealthy to an extent. Of course there are books that tell you as it is. There are others that simply paint romance too perfectly: Fantasy. Relationships have been misinterpreted alot that people start to program their minds, wanting the same things they watch or read about. Relationships and even marriage will not always be a bed of roses, that’s reality!! There are days you would want to be far away from your partner. To just enjoy your own space. When you took your vows, those weren’t mere words. “For better or worse”, those are huge. Very huge commitment. It doesn’t say “For better or worse, ‘till rows do us part” There are days you won’t feel too close to your partner – that’s the truth. But these movies or books don’t make you see that. They paint a perfect picture – hero meets heroine, it’s love at first sight, they start dating, he proposes with a huge engagement ring, they have a fancy wedding and they live happily ever after. False. What they refuse to show you is the differences between the couples, the every-day things, the rows, etcetera. If anyone lives by all these misleading ideas on love, then they’re headed for disaster. (Excerpt from POWERFUL PRAYERS OF PRAISE AND PETITION FOR SINGLES AND COUPLES)
A lot of men and women are not grateful for their spouses or thankful for their marriages. Just because there seems to be a problem doesn’t mean you should hate your partner. Remember the vows you took. Things can’t always be rosy. The earlier you deal with that, the better. You took your marriage vows before God and people. Those weren’t mere words. A wise couple would prepare themselves for the not-so-good times by getting on their knees to pray – pray for strength to last through the tough times. Your partner is flesh and blood, just like you so mistakes will be made. It’s your duty to understand, forgive and give them space and time to grow. Married life is such a beautiful thing, when two people come together as one. I love to see couples who’ve been married many years and are still very much in love and still all over each other. That kind of commitment takes hard work. Marriage is a two-way thing; both parties have to give in their all to ensure the relationship lasts and grows from strength to strength. It takes a conscious effort on the part of both husband and wife. It’s not meant for one party to handle alone. Both parties, in agreement, can keep a marriage going. If you’re single and hoping to get married someday, that’s a good dream. Prayers and perseverance will keep you going until then. If you’re married as you read these lines, I just want to remind you of how important it is to make your husband/wife feel loved. Here are a few tips you could use on a daily basis; your partner would be delighted at the pleasant surprises. FOR WOMEN 1.Cook your husband’s favourite meal often not just on special occasions. It’d make him feel loved and you’d receive a loving response in return. 2.When you want to speak to him about something, speak in a sweet voice. He’s more likely to listen than when you nag. Men don’t like nagging. It puts them off. A sweet voice attracts him, tunes him in to what you’re saying. 3.Learn to give him grace. Don’t immediately accuse him if you’re not sure about the situation. It’s like you were waiting all along to catch him red-handed. Don’t make him feel he’s being investigated. You’re his wife and not a boss. 4.Listen to him when he’s got the need to talk about something. Don’t interrupt un-necessarily. Genuinely listen. It pulls you both closer together and strengthens your bond. 5.Don’t gossip or discuss your husband’s weaknesses behind his back to co-workers or friends. It’s dis-respectful. It not only disrespects him, it dis-respects you as well since you two are one. FOR MEN 1.Learn to complement your wife often. If she’s wearing a gorgeous dress or has a new hairstyle, notice it and complement her. Women sometimes wish their husbands would take note of these details. It may mean nothing to you but it does for them. If she’s changed the bed-sheets, trimmed the bushes or done some other chore, complement her. It’d give her a boost. 2.When she has a need to talk, give her time. Listen to her. Drop the paper, drop the remote and if possible, switch off the TV, so she knows there is TV-time and then there is “HER-time” were it’s about her – her goals, dreams, etcetera 3.If she needs help with some chore, be a good husband, help her out. It brings you two closer together, when you do chores together. You’d be surprised, it’d bring you both closer, in whole new ways you never thought possible. 4.Give her grace. Your wife’s human. She’s bound to make mistakes. Understand this and forgive her wrongs just as easily as you want yours forgotten. 5.Never gossip about your wife to co-workers, friends or family. If there’s something wrong, discuss it maturely – just you and your wife.
About the author
Rita Pam's a singer, songwriter, author, missionary, friend and lover of the poor. She owns three charities: The Springfield Hope Network, Hope for the Broken and Help for the poor. She's passionate about changing lives and bringing solace to the heart-broken, poor, and suffering humanity in general. She won awards for her writing in secondary school. She's released 1 album (Beautiful), 7 Singles, 1 teaching CD and is currently working on a second album (Anna: The story of broken lives) She has also released two books, Voice of Hope: 30 Days with Jesus and Powerful prayers of praise and petition for every christian (The first book released in the Powerful prayers of praise and petition for every christian series) She loves quiet moments at home in prayer before the Lord and spending time with family and her pets. Powerful prayers of praise, petition and meditation is the second book in the Powerful Prayers Of Praise and Petition series. If you're having a tough time right now (Whether it's a divorce, trouble finding the right life partner, problems in your family, trouble finding a job, etc) know that you're not alone. Allow Rita Pam's book minister to you as you heal and become a better person and in turn heal the broken heart next to you.
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