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Book details
  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Full Confessions of Sex
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:216
  • eBook ISBN:9781623091552

Plumber's Mate: A Full Confession of Sex

by Tony Damosto

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In this intimate confession, jobbing plumber Darren reveals how he met attractive publicist, Carrie, and how, over the course of the subsequent three months, their relationship developed as he faced the challenge of satisfying a woman with a prodigiously high libido. Confident and self-assured, Carrie put Darren to the test in a demanding assessment of his sexual prowess, only revealing the extent of her sexual needs when she was confident that he could meet them. With a penchant for outdoor adventures, days at the seaside became naked romps and woodland walks became erotic escapades. When a shocking revelation threatened to destroy their relationship, their mutual resolve and adventurous spirit faced new challenges, reaching a climax as they approached the threshold of three months together.
In this full confession of sex, Darren reveals how a chance meeting with an attractive publicist led to a romance which was dominated by sexual adventure. Embarrassed by his status as a jobbing plumber, he was overwhelmed when Carrie showed an interest and, when she told him she had a high libido, he thought that all his Christmases had come at once. Three months later, when Carrie woke him with an early morning surprise, Darren reflected on the way that their relationship had developed. The intensity of the first few weeks had taken him by surprise. Carrie’s high libido bordered on nymphomania and her sexual needs were greater than he had ever encountered before. When she suggested a series of demanding tests to assess his potential as a lover, he naively agreed and, buoyed by novelty and excitement, he rose to the challenge. Even then, Carrie hadn’t finished, setting new challenges to test his resolve. After six weeks, Carrie took Darren on a shopping expedition to a local sex shop to buy gifts for each other. When she revealed her interest in bondage and discipline, Darren was forced to face a new challenge. When Carrie suggested that she should spend the day at work with Darren, she disrupted his schedule by frolicking in the shower but, when she woke up feeling frisky after a sleep, they abandoned work for the day. As their relationship developed, their escapades became more adventurous. Even a simple day out at the seaside became a naked romp when Darren discovered that their destination was a naturist beach. It seemed natural for Carrie to move in with him after two months so Darren wasn’t prepared when she rebuffed his suggestion. When the reason was revealed, it threatened to end their relationship and only mutual resolve and Darren’s willingness to step up held it together. Against all the odds, Darren and Carrie planned a night of celebration on the threshold of three months together. Before the night was over, Carrie revealed another surprise to give Darren even more reason to celebrate.
About the author
Tony Damosto is an award-winning journalist who has worked around the globe, contributing articles on current affairs, social trends and futurology to a wide range of publications, online and off-line. Inspired by an investigative spirit and a desire to inform, Tony combines detailed research with an inquisitive interviewing style to produce revelatory articles which educate and entertain. Tony’s interest in the forces which shape human nature, love of travel and belief in the interminability of the human spirit has informed an empathic approach to information gathering and dissemination. Since 2006, the year in which The Sex Confessions Project was started, Tony has interviewed hundreds of contributors in what has become the most comprehensive and detailed study of intimate relationships since Alfred Kinsey’s research in the 1940s and 1950s. Drawing on his training as a journalist and the key principles of investigative reporting, the first fruits of the research project have been published in six books in 2012.