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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Self-Management / Stress Management
  • Language:English
  • Pages:100
  • eBook ISBN:9781483516776

Peace of Mind for Custody and Divorce

A Modern Woman's Guide to Transcending Family Law Disputes

by Susan Rotella

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Self-help for divorcing women or women in custody/access/support disputes.
Does divorce have to be a battleground? Law clerk and Professional Counselor Susan Rotella draws upon her professional experience and observations of her own family to suggest a better way to approach issues of divorce, custody, access, property division and financial support. Rotella’s base assumption is that all things in life -- good or bad, wanted or unwanted, expected or unexpected -- offer an opportunity for personal growth, an opportunity to set a good example for children, and an opportunity to pave the way toward a better, stronger future. Based on her observations of many family law proceedings, Rotella believes the system encourages an adversarial approach that often leads to catastrophic emotional and financial costs for families. She sees much room for improvement and believes much of this improvement lies in the hands of women. During divorce, women are encouraged to pursue the most favorable settlement possible. But Rotella argues that while going after the most for yourself may result in more control and/or money, it will not necessarily deliver happiness, or what is truly best for you, your children, and certainly not for your ex. Peace of Mind for Divorce and Custody offers an alternative path designed to turn painful endings into new beginnings. During divorce, a time of high passion, anger and disappointment, Rotella encourages people to seek out their true values and apply them to the situation towards a more positive end result.
About the author
Susan Rotella BA RPC LC is founder of 4peaceofmind.ca. She has been practicing e-mail counselling and psychotherapy online for eight years. She also works as a Law Clerk for a lawyer specializing in family law.