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Book details
  • Genre:ART
  • SubGenre:Techniques / Painting
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Painting With Ev Hales
  • Series Number:6
  • Pages:177
  • eBook ISBN:9780987114198

Painting Buildings

Shape and Perspective

by Ev Hales

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A beautifully illustrated book to inspire any artist. Building a structure involves adding one brick to another to create a wall. Learning to paint is adding one piece of knowledge, and new skills until you can create images with ease. This book helps you to think about your painting in creative ways, finding new solutions to perennial problems. Buildings can be drawn accurately without the need for complex perspective drawings. Texture, is just an illusion on a 2D surface, but it can be so convincing you must touch, to check it is not real. This book will stretch your way of seeing and give you tools to use when working with this intriguing and challenging subject matter– painting buildings. If you have never been game to try this subject - this tutor will inspire you. Read on to learn more …


Painting buildings is a subject that can cause an artist a degree of stress because there is an element of exactness that seems necessary to create illusions of buildings on a flat surface. Some people get bogged down in the mathematics of linear perspective used by architects and lose all freedom and creativity. This ebook explores a variety of ways that help you retain the creative aspect of painting as well as achieving a reality of the building structure. This frees the artistic approach and encourages exploration of what can be a complex subject. Learning to use the formality of geometric shapes along with the informality of natural forms and to embrace the textures associated with building materials and foliage gives an artist many new skills to work with. As well as this, the amazing amount of material that is found, from the exteriors of buildings to intimate interior spaces, streetscapes and the wealth of architectural accent that is part of many buildings and you will see there is enough material to keep an artist inspired for decades. Learn new strategies, try new subjects and push yourself out of your comfort zone. All of this with helpful, clear advice from a master teacher. Beautifully illustrated throughout.

About the author

Ev Hales trained as a secondary art teacher and still holds teaching as an important aspect of her life as an artist. Keenly sought as a tutor/mentor Ev Hales has been an important part of hundreds of artist’s lives as they developed their artistic voice. She teaches painting on location and holds workshops all over the world. A multi award winning artist with a consistent exhibiting record that spans more than twenty five years. She is also an author and is currently collating her painting teaching experience into a series of instructional ebooks. A visit to her website www.evhales shows the breadth of her vision and her passion for interpreting her daily life.