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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / Collections & Anthologies
  • Language:English
  • Pages:328
  • eBook ISBN:9781623098667


Mind Trips

by RW Cole

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Have you ever found yourself sitting around lost in thought? Perhaps you were reminiscing and mentally replaying something cute and funny your child did; or, mentally rerunning the scene when you flirted your way out of a traffic ticket. Perhaps you were daydreaming – what if I DID win the lottery? What would I do? Whom would I help? Perhaps you were fantasizing – thinking about a romantic get away with your lover. Maybe you’ve imagined mischievous extracurricular activities with that hot co-worker. If you could make these thoughts come true, without consequence, would you do it – at least for a while?

Reminiscing, daydreaming, and fantasizing are common mental activities. The brief escape from the here and now seem to be necessary emotional outlets. The company, ORGASMS, commercialized these mental activities and fashioned a new entertainment – MIND TRIPS. The company introduced a new technology: Organic Response Generated Accessing Synaptic Magnetic Stimulation (ORGASMS) – that super charges feelings, memory, and imagination with magnetic pulses that enables the mind to run free without restraint. This mind-bending experience (pun intended) makes possible the creation of one’s own reality. Depending on forethought and planning, the one-hour mind trip can seem like days or weeks.

A reporter interviewed scores of customers after their first visit to ORGASMS. This narrative includes the most detailed, entertaining and imaginative Mind Trips as related by seven visitors to ORGASMS. Each tell how and why they visited the spa and share the experience. Their mental excursions, told in a story format, offers a glimpse behind the mental curtain that shields people’s deepest, hidden thoughts and feelings of desire, fantasy, and fulfillment.

Without exception, people feel good after a MIND TRIPS session. They feel happy, relaxed, confident, and content and leave with a deep sense of fulfillment. After all, isn’t that what one expects from ORGASMS?


Written for the busy reader with eclectic tastes, ORGASMS is for those who enjoy reading a few pages or a few chapters at a time. It is ideal for that person that likes to read a little at night to unwind from a hectic day. Alternatively, it is for that person that works in reading time between other scheduled activities.

Seven people share their Mind Trip. Their stories begin with an explanation of how they came to the ORGASMS Spa and continue with a detailed description of the fantasy they created and enjoyed for themselves.

“Anthony” – Is a naive and submissive agoraphobic. He creates a world in which he is happy and shares the quirky, offbeat relationships of a society with a wholly different power structure.

“Pepper” – The newly licensed psychiatrist goes to Atlanta looking for the perfect job. She experiences the phenomena of instant, mystical physical attraction and discovers her soul mate in the persona of the perfect man.

“Francine” – She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and businesswoman. This harried professional must take the time and use the resources necessary to “recharge.” Las Vegas proves to be the perfect charging station when she visits to enjoy a day of self-indulgence.

“Jodie Lynn” – Is a content, self-sufficient young lady that uses her MIND TRIPS sessions to remember, in vivid detail, important past episodes in her life that led to her first experience “riding the rainbow.”

“Ernie” – Is a nerd that cannot get a date. He creates a world where he is everything he has envied…handsome, strong, courageous, and heroic – he becomes a savior, provider, and warrior and wins the woman of his dreams.

“Miranda” – She is a beautiful twenty-two year old narcissist that is ambitious and thinks of herself as pragmatic. She receives the attention and admiration she craves and finds fulfillment in the tropical paradise, Tahiti.

“Cable” – A man with Asperger's syndrome is an emotionally and socially impaired genius. He visits a brothel in a desperate attempt to salvage his damaged marriage to Cynthia – the only friend and the only lover he’s ever had.

About the author

RW Cole is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and a Registered Nurse. He is a husband, father, and grandfather. Living in east central Mississippi and working nights and weekends, he finally fulfilled a life-long dream of writing a book. Previously he has had one short story published in a community college quarterly. At one time, he maintained an impressive collection of rejection letters from various magazines. He has lived an eclectic life with many varied work experiences. Having a full time job since the age of fifteen, he has worked at a fast food restaurant, as a service station attendant, as a movie projectionist, and served in the US Army with thirteen months spent in South Korea. The oil field occupied him for many years. He worked as a dishwasher, galley hand, roustabout, roughneck, derrick-man, and mud engineer. Second jobs included such things as driving a taxi, working as a doorman in a French Quarter bar, and buying and selling collectibles. For the last couple of decades he has worked in the healthcare field both as a nurse and in management.