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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Thrillers / Espionage
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9781543920079
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543920062

Operation Delilah

by Ray Knowles

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Operation Delilah is a high tension, fast-paced espionage thriller in which the Iranian Intelligence Service plots to destroy the U. S. economy by stopping oil imports from two of its principle suppliers. Unfolding across three continents, the Iranians' plan calls for the destruction of oil pipelines, high ranking government officials are to be assassinated, and a revolution is to be undertaken. The CIA uncovers the plot. To counter the Iranian threat the Agency must join forces with Israel's Mossad and with Egypt's Internal Security Service. Fans of John Le Carre, John Altman, and Phillip Kerr will enjoy reading this tightly scripted, fast-paced thriller. Kirkus Review
General Hashemi of Iranian Intelligence wants to become the next President of his country. Knowing of The Grand Ayatollah's hatred of America and that he will appoint the new President, General Hashemi devises a plan to destroy US the economy by denying it oil imports. Hashemi names his plan Operation Delilah. He assigns the destruction of pipe lines used to import oil to US, to a Iranian sleeper. He'll need to recruit Americans to carry out Hashemi's plan. The current President of Iran wants another term. He leak details of Operation Delilah to Israel's Mossad. Mossad Headquarters orders Ben Zev, to confirm that information. Ben contacts Bill Barone, his CIA contact. Bill investigates and determines a rogue CIA hit squad has been recruited, has rehearsed an assassination, and is now in Egypt. Ben Zev and Bill Barone head to Egypt. High ranking Saudi officials are assassinated. As per Hashemi's plan the CIA is blamed. The Saudis retaliate by stopping oil shipments to the US. Mossad fabricates evidence proving US innocents. The Saudis do not believe it to be true. The embargo continues . The Saudis issue a series of demands that must be met before the embargo can be lifted. The US now has a difficult decision make.
About the author
Ray has a Ph.D. in geology and has taught at several major universities. Subsequently, he worked at the United Nations managing economic development projects in Africa. While at the UN, he had daily contact with Soviet Union spies working under cover as UN officials. Some of them appear as characters in Operation Delilah although the names have been changed.