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  • SubGenre:Love & Romance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:50
  • eBook ISBN:9781618422316

Online Dating. . . The Good the Bad, and the Ugly

A guide for savvy online dating

by David Armaan

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A newbies guide to successful online dating.
A quick guide to the perils and promises of Internet dating. Written in a light humorous style, it provides the reader with a practical approach to successful/safe cyber dating. This writer's many years of experience as a relationship therapist makes him the perfect guide to help you negotiate a mode of dating that your momma couldn't have prepared you for. No-- Internet dating is not easily understood with just commonsense. It is a new phenomenon that still gets a lot of bad press and makes a typical newbie a tad apprehensive. This handbook for the savvy dater will provide you with a road map to guide you through the very mixed bag of personalities you will encounter on the digital super highway.Perfect for the busy reader--it can be easily digested during a short flight or trip to your doctor's office. So download it and get ready to learn everything from the basics to sophisticated strategies for finding a rewarding date and maybe-- that special one.
About the author
David Armaan is a freelance writer/composer who has a keen interest in optimal human development. His formal education is in journalism and clinical psychology. He has been a relationship therapist for seven years and an interested observer of the impact the Information Age has had on our dating habits. He observes that traditional family institutions and rituals are not necessarily our preferred dating option. Digital dating is gaining broad acceptance as the world embraces the convenience of smartphones, iPads, and various digital devices. These tools are well-suited for the fast-paced, I-want-it-all-now mentality of contemporary culture. A resourceful dater can literally flirt with the world 24/7 ... and many do. The power of digital dating can be compared to dragnet fishing. Savvy digital daters can literally talk to a cast of thousands. It seems that hardly a month passes when careless use of cellphones/email doesn't expose another celebrity or civic leader's cheating ways. Divorce attorneys are practically dancing in the streets as this new technology is often Exhibit A in divorce proceedings. But despite bad press and considerable apprehension, digital dating remains an obvious and increasingly popular solution for a culture that is hyper-transient, overworked, and a far cry from the community-centered families of the past. David provides practical advice to help you avoid newbie mistakes. He will assist you every step of the way; from writing an "authentic" profile to understanding the many do's/don'ts that will keep you safe and realistic in your quest to connect to that special "someone." He certainly makes no claim to cure indiscretions; but he is undoubtedly a knowledgeable/entertaining guide.