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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:224

One Way Out

by Eric Hinrichs

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In "One Way Out," five teenagers are catapulted from detention into a perilous, unknown world. As they grapple with deadly puzzles and unforeseen dangers, their survival hinges on teamwork, courage, and finding the only exit.
"One Way Out" takes readers on a thrilling journey of suspense and survival. Danny, Phoebe, Chris, Trev, and Maria expect a mundane detention, but instead find themselves transported into an uncharted realm filled with treacherous puzzles and relentless danger. Their reality shifts drastically, replaced by a high-stakes game of life and death. The rules are simple: they must work together, face their fears, and solve the enigmas that could lead them to safety. Yet, as they unravel each riddle, they grapple with an unnerving question—will they survive to find the One Way Out? This heart-stopping adventure, suitable for readers of all ages, challenges the mind and spirit and asks: could you solve the puzzles, and would you survive the journey?
About the author
Eric Hinrichs, residing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his writing from a diverse career. With a 31-year tenure at Johnson & Johnson, Eric made significant contributions to the medical field, securing ten patents, authoring an ASTM standard, and influencing medical standards across multiple continents. His expertise extends beyond his medical background into the literary sphere. In 2019, he published "Perceptions and Expectations," a valuable guide for career development, and has authored various articles covering an array of subjects such as risk management and project leadership. Eric boasts credentials in mechanical engineering, and is also a certified EMT and tool and die maker. His commitment to public service is demonstrated through his active participation on his township's zoning board and county's park and recreation board. When not immersed in his pursuits, you'll find Eric exploring the outdoors, writing, reading, or embarking on adventures with his wife, Kim, and their curious cat, Baxter.