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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / Contemporary
  • Language:English
  • Pages:374
  • eBook ISBN:9781483562049

Nadia Rising

by Forrest Dartt

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Nadia Zarathustra is the incarnation of Huma, a bird of Persian legend whose touch or shadow has the power to grant healing or great fortune. Chosen by her tribal leaders to become the modern day Queen of the Flyers, Nadia and her friends must withstand a sinister plot unleashed by the mythical Arbiter of the Underworld, Er Kishi. Will Er Kishi be able to infiltrate the Huma Bird's trusted inner circle of protection in order to steal Nadia's powers?


What if you had the power to heal someone just by casting your shadow on them? What if you had the power to grant great fortune with a simple touch? Now imagine you have both powers, AND you can fly! It gets even better: You are Nadia Zarathustra, and you have been chosen to be the Queen of your people. But hold on; what if your powers used to belong to someone else, and that person wants to kill you to get her powers back? What if that person can summon ghuls from the Underworld to ambush you and your closest friends practically anytime, anywhere? What if someone you trust, someone in your inner circle, turns out to be the accomplice that spells your doom? You are Nadia Zarathustra, and it's a good thing you are not afraid to die…

About the author

Forrest is the author of: 

'Nadia Rising' (Book 1; Feb 9, 2016),

and 'Nadia Falling' (Book 2; Mar 21, 2017), 

A third installment is in the works. 

Also watch for his works 'Council of the Ark' and 'Council of the Ark: Hunted!' To be released soon...

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