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  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Genres & Styles / Rock
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781098306434

My Bob Dylan Concert Story

by Chris Dylan

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This is amazing concert story from my first BOB DYLAN concert, that occurred on his fall EUROPA tour 2005 with his band in his » NEVER ENDING TOUR » in BOLOGNA, Italy on November 10, 2005.
This is amazing story from my first BOB DYLAN concert, that occurred on his fall tour in 2005. I was born in Slovenia in 1987 exactly when is BOB 1 year later gone on his » NEVER ENDING TOUR » in 1988. I living in a small young town Nova Gorica, that lies down just near to Italian border in western Slovenia. Bob likes prowling and performs round Italy and also this year came and stopped here. On two concerts. He played first with his band in BOLOGNA and two days later still in Milano. He listed 31 concerts on this His fall tour round EUROPA 2005. 4 days later after my 18th birthday, so on November 10, 2005 He stopped also in BOLOGNA, Italy. My father EGON wasn't thinking long and He wanted to realise my wish quickly that I was wishing her so long. And at the same time give me a gift for my 18th birthday. Nice gift is my father and of course BOB prepared for my 18 years of life on a planet Earth. By the way 18 years means majority in our country. Also my concert friend LEON on a drink in the nearby bar He wasn't thinking long and decided that He goes with us on a concert. So We are decided that We go on Italian Bolognese DYLAN's concert. We dipped quickly to hunt for tickets so that We will be near stage and of course to BOB and show. The story starts with an evening before a concert when started to create special energy and concert atmosphere and continued on concert morning, a day and night. The story occurs from departure of early, fresh and clear November morning and continues through the northern Italian country to Bologna. Story is going on over the cloudy November day in which I meet, realise and I discover new things that so far for me and before hid for my eyes. Of course a day reaches a highlight in the evening on a concert and it shed in reborn, full and saved magic night. Story is finished with the return to home where We are started a day. Purpose of this book is to everybody to introduce at least small part of a heaven or at least How it is possible to came to heaven. We would like to come to heaven ? Sure !!! GO on BOB DYLAN concert !!!
About the author
Chris Dylan, born as Kristijan Uršič - 6 November 1987 - in Slovenia, province of Primorska - West Slovenia , along the border with Italy. He is first of two children Renate (1968) and her husband Egon (1964). Childhood spent in the village called Orehovlje, later moved with their parents only a few kilometers distance "town" Nova Gorica, lying at Italian town Gorizia. As a child like to sing and reading with his mother children's folk songs. Christian says that his first days of earthly life drowning in Déja vu memories on Bob Dylan. Sounds of American folk music live in him still before He's new visited planet. In the morning him waked up cock cockcrow and sound of village church bell accompanied him to sleep in the evening. Christian was baptized and was Catholic.He loved the sound and smell of nature. His life carrying him by music and words. Many plays, listens and reading various styles of music and books. At the music education encounter on a American musician Bob Dylan. As be him hit shooting star, He goes to hunt after him and he starts to discover his dusty memory and already known overgrown ways full of dust. Entered in general high school in Nova Gorica. In year 2002 at his own 15 years Christian starts to strong to change and We could say that He identifies with Bob. He abided in his submission and He starts to imitate him deliberately. Abandon conventional image of secondary school boy and to become to starts "beatnik". He starts to punch fallow and dimmed side awareness, which she covered from his birth ahead. Deliberately self starts to change his lifestyle habits. He is carrying Bob's biography (Anthony Scaduto) with himself daily and from book read paragraphs as If reading the Bible. For him there was only one. BOB DYLAN. He started trying to write our first songs, which he wrote much earlier. He was composing first rhymes already in his young years.He was to expel in the city and was looking and searched where be got anything connected with music and literatury. School for him meant only place. And not state of mind. That is way He brought a guitar many times instead of school bag.He was feeling future. In 2003 year, He writes his first song dedicated to Bob "When I'll came to America", and hear and feel voice which dictates where He meets his future. He starts dream dreams and of escape from the places Where He was born to wide and vast world.He starts to go up to paradise via hell. To discover fields and questions about the meaning of life and his existences. He keen to act and, in particular, go to the concert of Bob Dylan.He started to read all kinds of book, He wanted to acquire education, which didn't offer any school. He started to immerse also in Elvis,... Here and there is Amor descending arrow in his heart. Year 2004 was going by and shed in year 2005. Christian is discovered new ideas, peoples and learned about world whom is born. For his 18 years of earthly life it is finally his first lived to see concert of his great idol.His wish was realized it, which He has been waiting since of the time When He was left his... Finally, at the end of the year 2005 When He got a book - autobiography of Bob Dylan Chronicles vol. 1 - .This modified him life. The book put him on right rails and to right direction. The book opened his mind and his head. The book changed his way of thinking. He found Where He belongs and where is emptiness.He decided at once and He knew Who his true ego... Who He really He and Who his reality,... From this are chose name which He will be using for his own performances. His himself started to build on mystique and clairvoyance. He started to be aware of immortality of his soul. He began to exploring and digging into the depths of himself. He began to follow and leave to God. If is sold his soul, He sold to Lord. He go to on concerts and wrote their reviews and concert stories... With self carry a secret dream of American folk musician, so I am »lost child of America«.

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