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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Humorous / General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Murkmyre Saga
  • Series Number:0
  • Pages:183
  • eBook ISBN:9780956582645


Book One In The Murkmyre Saga (eBook Second Edition)

by Clifford James Hayes

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MURKMYRE (Second Edition) - Book One in The Murkmyre Saga. Betrayal. Revenge. Insatiable frogs.
MURKMYRE (Second Edition) - Book One in The Murkmyre Saga. Betrayal. Revenge. Insatiable frogs. Prince Voltron Murkmyre wants two things; revenge, and the throne of the Murkmyrian Empire for himself. Enduring a seventy-four year prison sentence - for crimes he didn't commit - has left him in a bit of a bad mood. To achieve his ambitions, he and his dogsbody slave Plip must evade his psychotic mother's Empire and many shadowy forces - and survive a series of unfortunate crash-landings on worlds populated by ridiculous races and nonsensical creatures. And then there's the mystery of the Darkstar of Glümdyyk to unravel, a fabled gemstone of unimaginable power ... An anarchic, fast-paced space fantasy. With insatiable frogs. This Second Edition of Murkmyre contains numerous additions and revisions, and sets the scene for the apocalyptic events in Nocturnia - Book Two in The Murkmyre Saga.
About the author
An abandoned orphan, Clifford James Hayes was grudgingly taken-in by merciless fairground travellers when he was but an infant. He endured a childhood of abject cruelty, humiliation and slavery, before being forcibly ejected for ‘looking at his foster parents in a funny way’. Remarkably, this rejection was turned into academic success - despite further abject cruelty, humiliation and slavery being administered on him by callous, disinterested tutors, who were ever-keen to administer the birch, whip and ‘Uncle Ezekiel’ - their dreaded earwax and toadjuice-powered torture device. Enticed by the alluring colours and shapes of London town, the author eventually found some meagre, slug-infested accomodation - before enduring a young adulthood of further abject cruelty, humiliation and slavery at the hands of loathsome taskmasters. To improve his lot, he eventually escaped - to labour night and day on the punishing chain-gangs in Alabama. A period of introspection followed, during which time he became a syphilis-ravaged fixture in the sordid opium dens of Victorian London’s East End. The resultant, inevitable financial ruin necessitated he resort to a life of prostitution. Now in the fading autumn of his life (his early forties), he spends his final, pain-wracked days hanging precariously from rocks as he tearfully gazes out toward the southern seas. Murkmyre is his first publication, Nocturnia his second; he has threatened to write more.