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  • SubGenre:History
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Mooney Player The Making of a Legend
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:306
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350919691

Mooney Player The Making of a Legend

Volume One - Beginnings

by Dickie Regan

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Dive into "Mooney Player: The Making of a Legend," as humor and innovation intertwines with South Carolina high school football history through this engaging journey of the legendary Mooney Player. Blending the lessons learned from coaching greats, Mooney's charismatic, fear-inducing, and "pay the price" coaching style inspires the little fellas to beat the BIG boys in inventive ways to pack stadiums en route to championships.
Along with a dash of wit, the author guides the reader through the uncharted terrain of South Carolina's high school football. For the football coach learning curve, Pop Warner emphasized power; Knute Rockne set trends with motion, speed, and passing; Paul "Bear" Bryant contributed lessons on toughness and discipline; Bud Wilkinson and Billy Laval added deception; Bobby Dodd and Tom Nugent expounded on Rockne's innovations; Frank Howard and Bill Murray were perfectionists; and Cally Gault excelled with inspirational pep talks. Mooney Player blends these philosophies into a unique football culture. Although Mooney Player had been an offensive tackle in Frank Howard's Clemson program for a short stint, his style mirrors that of Bear Bryant of Texas A & M. Both emphasized the fundamentals of blocking and tackling, precise execution, grueling practices, and conditioning. Mistakes were not tolerated, unless made at full-speed, and both motivated their teams using a combination of charisma and fear. Coach Player's analyses of opponents produces very creative ideas, and his effective element of surprise plays a major role in packing stadiums and becoming a legend. Mooney's "pay the price" and "do what you say you're going to do" program results in multiple championships and a distinctive affinity for houndstooth fedoras. To every player, Mooney's mantras of "class, courage, and the will to win," along with his priorities in life…God, Country, Parents, Academics, the TEAM, and accomplishments after graduation…echo as guiding principles.
About the author
Residing in Atlanta, GA, Dickie Regan invites readers into the realm of sports history with his engaging narrative. Through his writing, he unveils the tale of **"Mooney Player: The Making of a Legend,"** a remarkable saga that incorporates humor with the rich tapestry of South Carolina's high school football heritage. Together with his wife, Jo Ann, he brings to life the story of Coach Player, whose charismatic coaching style inspired the little boys to beat the BIG boys in inventive ways, which left an enduring mark on the sport.