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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Occult & Supernatural
  • Language:English
  • Pages:450
  • eBook ISBN:9781543989991


by Megan H. Wright View author's profile page

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Struck down at the age of twenty-five, Mariah Moon's debilitating nightmares she didn't understand and suffered through alone, come to life. Mariah is killed by a changeling--a vampire who can change at will into a blackbird, wolf or cat. She is forced into an altered reality from which she can't escape. Monet, the changeling who took her, guides her through the ways of all the kindred, while she still feels the essence of her humanity beat within her. The American Chapters of Hunters, who are the few humans who know about vampires, lycan and witches, are warily watching over Mariah Moon, trying to understand why she holds more power than the other kindred. Is she their lethal enemy? Or a new breed that can help them survive? While the small town of Greensboro, Maryland sleeps, battles erupt in the deep woods between the kindred. Their fear of Mariah Moon's growing power, as well as their lust to own it, drive the kindred into a fresh war. The hunters are caught in the middle of the battles, while Mariah Moon is trapped between blood lust and her human spirit that refuses to die. Both the kindred and the hunters' future will be determined by Moon's greatest enemy. Her own temptation.


Mariah Moon didn't know she came from the original bloodline of witches. Her ancient family, born when time began, either nurtured the land and all species or served dark magic. Dormant for three generations, the power found a new way to thrive when Monet, the changeling, attempted to turn her into a vampire who could shape shift at any time. Mariah could change into a blackbird, wolf or cat at will. The two changelings, Monet and Micah, tried to teach her the ways of all kindred, while Mariah Moon only wanted to be human again. Refusing to take human blood she craved, she ate animals for the blood she needed, while she searched for answers. The new changeling found herself caught between a small group of humans, who watched and hunted all kindred since time began. As purebred vampires and lycan gathered to kill a creature they could not understand or control, as well as kill the American Chapter of Hunters, the hunters slowly forged a deep relationship with the changeling they hoped could hold onto her beating soul. With the aid of the hunters' dogs she naturally connected to, called Heaven's Lycan, Mariah fought the kindred she was tempted to nest with.  Mariah protected the hunters, while they dealt with their own human demons. Half the hunters wanted to kill her. The other half believed in Mariah, and her determination to kill her need for human blood. As the battles reached climax, Mariah faced her conflicted need for human blood, her need for the hunters and her need for Monet, who was her kindred. The final battle between the blood lust and faith forced the hunters and the kindred into a fractured future.

About the author

Megan Wright lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. She grew up in Greensboro, Maryland, where this story takes place. She is a fitness teacher and tutor, an office administrator, and is currently working on the sequel to Moon. She is the mother of two and lives with her significant other, John, and their two dogs.

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Diamond in the rough Beautiful, scarry and compelling, especially in regards to current times. Original story about our favorite nitghtmarish creatures and animals we love. Read more