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  • SubGenre:Finance
  • Language:English
  • Pages:24
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667805030

Money University™

What We Should Have Learned in School

by Brennan Schlagbaum and Leandra Peters

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24 page paperback booklet to follow along with Money University™ curriculum
This book is geared to help the student follow along with the course content. Although you only have six month access to Money University™ curriculum, you will have this resource forever! The goal of this resource is to help bridge the conversation between parent and child that is so important to have.
About the author
We have two authors: Brennan & Leandra. Here is a warm introduction from both of us: Brennan: My name is Brennan, and I am a 29 year old CPA living in Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati area. I am married to a wonderful wife, Erin, with two dogs and our first daughter just arrived!! Her name is Logan Lee Schlagbaum. She may not know it yet, but this course will be a requirement in our household once she is old enough! If I would have taken this course at your age, I would be 1,000x further than I am today, but I didn't. This is why I want to help you take advantage of what I did not. I want to begin with a quote that really encompasses everything that I am about & the mission that Budgetdog has behind it: "Life is about making an impact, not making an income." - Kevin Kruse If you love: Personal finance Entrepreneurship Fitness You will love my daily free content that I put out! Over the past 2 years, I've been able to build my own online business while working a very demanding full time job. It has allowed me to quit my "9-5" and do what I love to do…help others: - Improve their finances - Build their own businesses - Improve their lifestyle - Gain control of their situation You don't have to stay where you are. I am helping people daily achieve the financial freedom that they have always wanted. The mission is big, and we are just getting started! I look forward to getting to know you. Feel free to DM me! I welcome it! Leandra: I'm Leandra, founder of Female in Finance. I'm from San Diego, California, which means I don't own a jacket. You may have found me on Instagram, or maybe your parents bought you this course, or maybe you saw me out surfing and asked for my number but I gave you my website instead. The hustle never sleeps. I founded Female in Finance in 2020 because I noticed that people were being crushed from the global pandemic and – in a lot of ways – realized that they needed help for the first time. We created this course to help teens, young adults, and immigrants level up their personal finance game, crush their debt, build a side hustle, and invest in the stock market. How I got here – I studied finance, marketing, and astrophysics in school. I wanted to be a mathematician for NASA, but finally realized that my gift for numbers could be used to help people that live on this planet instead. Now, I work in corporate finance, teach personal finance, sleep finance, and eat finance (gluten-free). Although astrophysics taught me that astrology isn't real (a valuable lesson!), marketing and finance launched me to where I am right here, right now – to be in a position to meet (and help) you. By helping you, I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing in this lifetime: Helping you achieve your goals.