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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Happiness
  • Language:English
  • Pages:130
  • eBook ISBN:9781618427090


A Holistic Approach to Living Well

by Denny Richard

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“Mirror, Mirror, on my wall, is this really me at all?” Described as "old world philosophy in a new world perspective" and "food for thought," Mirror/Mirror is comprised of writings on holistic living, with tools on how to live better, here and now.  Life out there is just a mirror reflecting the life inside. Using techniques on journaling, meditation and cultivation of awareness on body, mind and spirit, readers can practice the teachings in this book, and begin making changes for a more positive outlook on life. Learn to be present to your own moment unfolding, and become the creator of your own existence. The world is in a scary time that future historians will look back to as a pinnacle to their future or a failure of their past. You are the one that can make the difference. Come find yourself in the world you see around you.


Why Mirror/Mirror?
My hopes for you, the reader, is that you gain insight on ways to live life fuller and happier. You have the most amazing potential inside of you, and the only one that gets in the way of that potential is you. I often say that life is a mirror. That which you see out there is just a reflection of the creative Universe of the YOU within. They match. The interesting part is we are all co-creating. When we take ownership of our life, emotions, thoughts, understandings, habits, patterns, we become the creator of our life and can witness the process of creation happening. You are the micro of the macro. You are that which you have come from and will return to. You are the journey. You are full of love, compassion, truth, and understanding. These things are not separate from you, but perhaps you’ve just forgotten to be them. They are there for you, inside, a part of you, ready and waiting for you to scoop them up and embrace every part of them with your ever expanding existence.

About the author

Denny Richard considers everything on his path a teacher of life. Born and raised in a suburb of Boston, MA. Denny spent many summers traveling the country with Drum and Bugle Corps. There he learned the rewards and benefits of teamwork, dedication and loyalty.  At Northeastern University, he studied business management, which prepared him for his job as a financial analyst and gave him the skills to open his own business.  After leaving the corporate world behind, he sought training modalities that would give him the tools he needed to help aide people along their paths to wellness. He is certified by The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as a personal trainer and Hatha Yoga through Fitness Resource Associates (FRA). In 2006, he moved to Arizona to pursue a 200 hour yoga certification at the Seven Centers in Sedona.  This 30 day intensive study changed his life.  In 2009, he opened Peaceful Roots, a Therapeutic Yoga and Holistic Fitness center in Phoenix, AZ., allowing him to finally walk his path.    In 2011, he took his passion and skills to Portland, OR. He completed his first book, Mirror/Mirror, A Holistic Viewpoint on Living Well in 2011. Just as he knows there is more than one avenue to a fully lived life, his life experience has taught him the many ways to achieve harmony and peace.  He hopes this book will point you in the direction of your happiness. “Feeling better all starts with changing your mind. Life is full of amazing adventures, a continual process unfolding to us moment by moment. There are many paths to full liberation and each of us creates his own path. We take the best of everything we have learned from the various places we have touched upon, and walk the path that works for us. No one path is better than another for they all lead us to the same place. When we use yoga and meditation to help us along that path, the path becomes clearer every moment of every day.” Be Happy. Be Peaceful.