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  • SubGenre:Angels & Spirit Guides
  • Language:English
  • Pages:322
  • eBook ISBN:9781495113871

Miracles and Other Wonders

Inspirational, true stories of ordinary lives changed forever by miracles.

by Charles E. Sellier and Joe Meier

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Experience real stories and documented cases where the lives and destinies of everyday people have been changed forever by events that defy our personal experiences . . . and exceed even our imagination. Inexplicable, incredible events show us a reality that the hard facts cannot explain...but miracles can.
NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN HOW MIRACLES HAPPEN...BUT THEY DO! A trucker saves a life after hearing a call for help over his CB radio...when no call was ever sent. A rancher makes a dramatic rescue during subzero cold after seeing the location of a lost boy...in a dream. A loving husband dies...yet writes his wife a final message from beyond the grave. The marvelous events described in this book actually happened. In story after story you will discover how the lives of ordinary people are saved – or changed forever – by the intervention of something that can only be called a miracle. Beginning with the author’s own moving experience in the mountains of Utah to mysterious feats that defy time and death itself, all the real-life accounts brought to you here are strange, wondrous...and true! Read about: GUARDIAN ANGELS • AMAZING RESCUES • DREAMS THAT COME TRUE • OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES • LOVE THAT CONQUERS DEATH • ...AND MORE!
About the author
Charles Edward Sellier (November 9, 1943 – January 31, 2011) was an American television producer, author, screenwriter, and director. He was best known for creating the television series, "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams." He also produced more than thirty films and over two hundred television shows during his career, which spanned four decades. They included, "In Search of Noah's Ark," "The Lincoln Conspiracy," "Miracles and Other Wonders," "Friends for Life," "World's Greatest Mysteries," "Desperado," "Ancient Secrets of the Bible," "Hangar 18," "Knight Rider 2000," " Vestige of Honor," and "Longarm". Books by Charles E. Sellier include, "Miracles and Other Wonders," "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams," "Ancient Secrets of the Bible," Ancient Revelations of the Bible," "Grizzly Adams and the Siege of Treasure Mountain," "Mysteries of the Ancient World," and "UFO".