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  • SubGenre:Metaphysics
  • Language:English
  • Pages:43
  • eBook ISBN:9781623098162

Metaphysical Principles

A Bigger Picture of God and Creation

by Connie Cook Smith

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"Metaphysical Principles, A Bigger Picture of God and Creation" -- Connie Cook Smith Where do we come from? Why do we die? What is God really like? And how does this woman know? This swift-flowing and poetic text -- plus the author's accounts of her life-long extraordinary experiences -- may invoke your own memories of a greater reality. At very least, this visionary excursion beyond the perplexities of everyday life offers a stunning alternative to "what we've been told."
I was born in 1947, "The Year of the UFO," and it only got more interesting from there. My mom said that when I was little, I would "say the oddest things." They weren't odd to me, though. You mean, everybody doesn't see The City of Light in the sky? Nor fly all over town at night, having some trouble clearing the power lines, or float up out of bed and bump their nose on the ceiling? Everybody is not on a quest for The Lost Knowledge, and if not, why not? Then, as an adult, isn't it rather common for state troopers to verify my 90-minute UFO sighting, to suddenly become a composer of movie-theme-like scores of music, and get featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal in 1990? There are many more of such experiences presented in Part Two of this book. But, usually doing things a little differently, Part One is what's important. It presents what I have learned from all this. "Where do we come from, why do we die, what is God really like -- and how do I know?" These mysteries comprise the main body of "Metaphysical Principles, A Bigger Picture of God and Creation," the knowledge of which has sustained my life and outlook through the very worst of times, including the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. I believe it will help many others as well.
About the author
Here’s who I am: My main focus is my three “prayers.” They are good-will thoughts that I send out once or multiple times every day, depending on events and circumstances. But these prayers are not adequate indications of my unconventional views on God. Even the notorious atheist Ayn Rand, near the end of her life, stated that when someone would say to her, “God bless you,” she would say “God bless you” back. She saw it as a token of sincere good will. Therefore, I wish to state that the first of my daily prayers, or good-will thoughts, is based on gratitude. I feel this because I frequently marvel at what I have – such as water, food, shelter, clothing, transportation, etc. – when so many people don’t! (Not even in America, where we’ve tended to take so much for granted.) I also feel gratitude for my abilities, some creature comforts, and affection for me. 1. So, the first of my three prayers that I am often murmuring -- regarding all the above provisions and more – is this: “May this be so, for all who desire it.” 2. The second prayer is slightly more formal and gets uttered usually once a day: “God bless this Planet Earth, and everything and everyone upon it.” This, while gazing at the large, framed picture of Earth from Apollo 17, which has been the centerpiece on my various living room walls ever since the mid-1980’s. I figure if everyone actually gets blessed and becomes happy, then even the bad guys – and there are some horrific ones – may start to behave themselves. 3. And my third prayer is what I activate whenever I hear sirens, or I see the life-flight helicopter coming in, or I observe dreadful news stories and people’s grievous losses. Then I send out, “God bless all concerned,” in the hopes that comfort and relief and good outcomes will prevail for them. Now you have a general picture of who I am and how I feel about humanity. But again, these expressions for humanity do not indicate what I think I know about God. And so I wrote, “Metaphysical Principles” back in 1999, which appears in this work as Part One. At that time, I did a limited self-publishing and distribution. (Thank you to the two people who actually learned of it and bought it! ;) I recently rediscovered it amongst the mountainous jumble of my old writings, and I felt such a glow while reading it – especially because the perspectives have held up for me (and have held me up) – throughout some truly terrible times since 1999, and because I believe they will do so for others. And I feel I can revive it all now since e-publishing is relatively easy and inexpensive to do. Also – maybe more than two people will be interested now and can be happily assisted by this little manuscript – just as the two who reported back to me said they most assuredly were! Part Two is entitled, “An Unusual Life.” It presents brief but deep insights into “how I know what I know,” as per my subtitle, “A Bigger Picture of God and Creation.” If you’re still with me here, I recommend you dive right in – to either Part One or Part Two. Either section will offer you God-and-Life perspectives that are radically different from “what we’ve been told.”