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  • Genre:SCIENCE
  • SubGenre:Biotechnology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781623092962


Military Arms Trials, Instruction and Research of America

by Linda Jansen Smoots

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This story is about an attempt to by the United States of America, with the support of a multibillionaire, educate the brilliant, and to plug them into a secret research facility located in the South Pacific on an island close to Tahiti called MATIARA. There are scientists/military personel there that are doing research for biological weapons. Max, a Military Physician and head of the undercover program, is living there. The newly trained, hand picked physicians & boichemists arrive, unaware of their true mission. Thomas Mahoney, is a biochemist/Military chaplin that has been developing some biological weapons. Everything comes together to promise an exciting race to develop safe, yet effective weapons to protect our nation.
Elizabeth Anne Montgomery (Beth) MD, Biochemist PHD Stefani Marie Graham (Tessa), MD, Biochemist PHD James Christopher Jurez (Chris), MD, Biochemist PHD were selected from a nation wide search for the top scores in tests that were given in the United States. These three gifted students (among the top 50) were educated by the government, and sent to the best Universities in their area. They were now graduated, and immediately sent to their destination, not knowing exactly what their commitment really meant to their lives. When they arrived to Figi, they were transferred to a private military helicopter, and flown to a beautiful compound on an island, and the beauty and magnificence of their surroundings stunned and entranced them. They were met by Dr. Maxwell Phillips (Max), and were given a briefing at their first meeting. Dr. Thomas Mahoney, Priest, biochemist and medical doctor was working as the Mission priest, and also in his "lab" in the cellar of the Mission Chapel. This is where he was developing his latest Bio/weapons, which were then transferred to the island of Bali for safe storage. Thus begins the adventure of disaster, and discovery as our 4 Super-scientist/MDs who call themselves the Quadropolis, begin their journey of fullfilling their mission.
About the author
My worrying about our depleting resources, the damage of industry to our lovely salt water waterfront wildlife, and the safety of the United States had always been there with me. I would tell stories to my sister and younger relatives about fantasy and ideal lives with endings where the good prevailed. It was a glorious time to grow up after WW11. The Allies had won the war, and saved it from the horrendously evil Hitler, and his NAZI regime. It was so heroic, and our young soldiers came back heroes and were so happy to be home, and alive, that they became caring, loving family men. We never knew about endings not being that good triumphs over evil. We all lived in safe, secure neighborhoods. where we would wander a play all day outside. Our mothers were home--fathers could earn a living wage in their chosen field. Now, that security doesn't exist. Our military does not protect us, nor does our government. The hardworkers, who have saved and prepaired for retirement have been destroyed by a few--and even our government can't fix it. This novel is about a strengthing our government and a new Military that will portect it's citizens.